When Can Social Security Recipients Expect The Stimulus Check 2021; What to Know

When Can Social Security Recipients Expect The Stimulus Check 2021; Here is what you need to know.

The third round of stimulus checks 2021 may hit the banks this week, but the questions remain, when can the social securities actually see payments?

Not everyone who qualified for the stimulus check has gotten the money. This had led many people to express their confusion and discomfort over the stimulus process. Starting from who actually qualified to when they will get to see it in their accounts.

The supplementary Security Income has therefore supported many who have questions and also the Social Security Insurance and now the question is, when can they see a stimulus?

This article is aimed to give you the answers to the question When Can Social Security Recipients Expect The Stimulus Check 2021 so let’s get right into this verification;

Here are the questions asked;


Will the qualifying recipients get a third stimulus check? Also, when can they expect a check?


These qualifying persons will receive the money in the same way they receive other benefits. This said, the time when you will receive your payment might be a little different and this depends on the means through which you get your funds.

Answer sources;

  • Latest stimulus update from the IRS (March 12, 2021)
  • Latest information from Direct-express guidelines

The Process:

Precisely on Twitter, people have been sharing their questions about this said round of stimulus checks including questions relating to why they have not received their own share of the stimulus.

The verify team then went to the IRS to get an answer and here are the answers;

How do I know if I qualify for The Stimulus Check 2021

From an update from March 12, the Federal beneficiaries who are also those on social security should still get the third stimulus check in the same way as they receive other benefits as stated above previously.

So to speak, not getting the first batch payment doesn’t mean you will never get any of the further payments.

Many additional payments will be sent in the coming weeks either through the mails as check or debit cards or by direct deposits.

The Update reads thus;

“The IRS will automatically send EIP3 (the third stimulus check) to people who didn’t file a return but receive Social Security retirement, survivor or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Veterans Affairs benefits,” the post continues. “This is similar to the first and second rounds of Economic Impact Payments, often referred to as EIP1 and EIP2.”

Now, how will the funds be distributed?

Federal benefits are usually distributed to SSL recipients through their Direct Express card account. In this effect, the company said that the first batch of the stimulus has been issued and with some other additional batches of the payment to be sent in the coming weeks.

The most updated guidelines from Direct Express said that only current cardholders are eligible for this third round of the stimulus.

This is to say that if you signed up now, you can receive other benefits but not this particular stimulus check.

But your stimulus money can be issued in another format that might take a little longer to get to you so you should be patient.

And if for any reason you closed your Direct Express card, any of the third stimulus funds that were sent will be returned to the IRS and the IRS will reissue the payment.

The Agency said.

Sign up for Direct Express, click here.

What can you do if you don’t have an express card?

If you do not have an express card, your payment may arrive as a paper check or through another different, non-Direct Express bank account, or maybe through a prepaid card.

If you have one of the pre-paid cards from the previous Stimulus round, you will get a new one in the mail because the payments are not automatically reloaded.

Those who got their EIP1 or EIP2 but did not get their payment through direct deposit will generally receive a check or in rare instances a prepaid debit card.

As written by the IRS;;

“A payment will not be added to an existing EIP card mailed for the first or second round of stimulus payments.”

When can I see the Stimulus deposits

As earlier stated, speaking of when you can see your payment, it depends on how you normally receive your funds, either by EIP or through a physical check.

The first round of the $1,400 checks began through direct deposits on march 17 for millions of Americans, but the IRS said a federal date for those payments will still be issued shortly.

There are no specific dates for it yet but updates are being expected.

Stimulus third round where can I check my Status

If you received SSI and SSDI in 2020, you are required not to take any action to get the third stimulus payment as the IRS said.

This is as a result of the fact that these payments are mostly automatic for most eligible people, by either contacting their financial ind=stitutuins or the IRS on payment timing will not speed up the arrival

The IRS last update read.