Tuchel; This is why I took Christensen out during Chelsea loss to Arsenal in the EPL

Tuchel; This is why I took Christensen out during Chelsea loss to Arsenal in the EPL

The decision to take Christensen out of the team and get him replaced has bee debated by many Chelsea fans saying that he could have still played and the fact that he was removed did not seem to be a very good idea but Tuchel thinks this is not the idea here.

Tuchel has taken his time to give a detailed reason why he removed Christensen from the match citing that he was not just at his best.

Meanwhile this is a huge loss to Chelsea and from what everyone sees, Chelsea will need to work more and make a serious ends meet and if they keep playing like this it may mean they will not be able to retain their third position.

Here is what Tuchel said about removing Christensen;

‘He said he cannot continue, so I think he had some problems. I don’t take a player out because he makes one mistake.

‘To say the pitch is difficult to play here it maybe sounds like an excuse, but it is a very, very difficult pitch that we have here. It’s not in our favour. The ball bounces very awkwardly in front of Andreas when he wants to play this ball.

‘But still, we had the same mistake against Real Madrid that cost us the next round of the Champions League, and this one cost us the next match. I can’t remember when we got two goals like this.’

‘We conceded seven goals with Toni [Rudiger] against Brentford and Real Madrid, that answers the question,’

‘It’s not about individual players. A defensive performance is a team performance, and an offensive performance is a team performance. You need to have the tactics right, which is doubtful I had this right, and you need the team selection right, again it’s doubtful I had this right.

‘Then it’s a game for the players. They get full praise when they do it when they did it for the last three matches. And they have to face the reality that it’s impossible to win matches if you make this amount of mistakes of this calibre.

‘It’s simply impossible. I don’t see it in any other matches, but I see it now in consecutive matches of our games, and it has to stop.’

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