Tjmaxx credit card; All you Need to Know about the tjmaxx credit card

We have always been in the business of getting you the best credit card to use in the USA and quite frankly everywhere else in the world and this is just one of it.

The Tjmaxx credit card we will be talking about today is one of the best credit cards in USA and here is why.

The TJMaxx credit card is a kind of card that offers two credit types for its users. These two offers include the TJX Rewards and the TJX Rewards platinum MasterCard.

The second card the Platinum card can be used anywhere but the first is limited to be used in certain places which includes stores which are affiliated to TJMaxx.

Just like every other card, each of the cards will earn you a good reward anytime you make use of them to make a purchase.

They tend to provide special shopping benefits but they have a high APR and this is what you will most definitely need to avid at all cost.

While using the TJMaxx credit card, you will be benefited with many rewards which are not always very easy to find using other related credit cards and which most of the rewards are;

TJX Rewards Credit Card

This card provides you with 5 point upon every dollar spent. Just as we stated earlier, this card can only be used at specific places and when used in these places can fetch a good point.

Here are the places you need to spend these money to be able to get these points that can be redeemed for cash;

  1. Marshalls
  2. HomeGoods
  3. Sierra Trading Post
  4. T.J.Maxx

Earning points literally has no limits provided you use this card in the designated places above and at every 1000 points earned you will earn an equivalent of $10 reward.

This is to say that this card can provide a 5% discount provided you spend the certificate.

The TJ Platinum Mastercard

When  it has to concern buying anything from anywhere using the TJMaxx credit card, think of the TJ Platinum MasterCard as this is the answer to the question and puzzle.

Its not odd that the TJ Platinum MasterCard provides the same 5 points reward as its smaller counterpart above as well as a single point for one dollar spent but thing is you will not be told where to use this card unlike the first one.

Moving a little deeper into the card, lets list the benefits;

TJMaxx credit card Benefits

Lets start from the smallest to the highest of them all.

The TJX Reward credit card

  1. 10% discount on in store purchase after opening an account
  2. Exclusive access to shopping hours for card holders
  3. Surprise and delight benefits throughout the year

TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard

Just as the benefits mentioned above, this second card comes with them all and also a few added to its MasterCard as follows;

Eligible purchase is covered by price protection; this will provide you a reimbursement if you buy an item today and tomorrow you find it being advertised for a lesser price.

Extended warranty on eligible purchases which doubles a manufacturers warranty up to one year

Identity theft resolution service is available if by any means the card holders identity becomes compromised

Now, lets talk about the costs and the fees of the TJMaxx credit card;

The Cost of TJMaxx Credit card

Card Regular APR Cash Advance APR Foreign Transaction Fee
TJX Rewards® Credit Card 26.99% Variable Not Applicable Not Applicable
TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® 26.99% Variable 29.99% None

The fees with TJMaxx credit card

Card Late Fee
TJX Rewards® Credit Card Up to $35
TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® Up to $35

Wrapping up

We always discuss cards that can help one save some money no matter how little and by this review, we believe that this card will help users and intending users use our guide to save some money while using them.