The little 10 Year old Girl Reagan To who voiced the Red Light, Green Light doll Cannot watch the Movie; Here is why?

Its kind of funny but this is a right move if you happened to ask me personally speaking from my own perspective.

Reagan To, the Squid Game actress who voiced the Red Light, Green Light doll, has revealed her parents won’t let her watch the violent Netflix hit because she’s too young.

The 10-year-old voiced the terrifying Red Light, Green Light doll in Squid Game’s English language dub.

But despite being famous around the world,  Reagan still hasn’t watched the gory Netflix hit.

‘I have not watched any of it,’ To, who also voices the daughter of the main character, told The Morning Show on Tuesday.

Squid Game actress, 10, who voiced the Red Light, Green Light doll says her parents won

According to her, she did manage hear her voice in one scene ‘right before the violence’ began, but her mother abruptly turned off the TV.

The scene in question, in which Reagan voices a giant doll overseeing a deadly children’s game, features the show’s highest body count as losing contestants are mercilessly gunned down.

‘Even my brother – he’s 14 – my parents don’t even allow him to watch it,’ said To. 

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