Revealed; Here is the date for Announcement of New Chelsea owner

Since the sales of Chelsea has been initiated, Chelsea fans have been keen on knowing who will be their next owner and they are of course looking forward a rich man who will tae the club same way the former owner did and also spent on getting players.

But these hopes has been dashed to the floor most times as a result of the fact that there has be series of steps involved in getting to find who the lasting owner will be and now they have found that.

The date for the announcement of Chelsea new owner is in hand and it will not be too long.

As per reports from AS Sports, Raine Group is looking to unveil the new Chelsea owner by next week after the successfully analyzed the best bidder to Downing Street in the week of April 18th.

As this is going on, the Government must also approve the eventual buyer and will issue a New Treasury License for the sale, the final hurdle for Chelsea would be new owners.

Also, some sources which are close to the Government has started that Downing Street satisfaction in principle with all remaining parties in battle to buy t5he club from its Russian owner.