Racism In Nigeria; Landlady Rejects a Tenant in Lagos Because of his Ethnicity

Its funny how we all want racism to end but we keep pushing people out of our races even in our own black Nigeria.

Then expect the whites to treat us any better.

If you can reject a person from living in your house because of their ethnic group, how much more someone who isn’t your race and you will her them say this is different.

I have chosen my platform to be the force for Good and not just sweep under the carpet the issues of racism In Nigeria as many would see it as normal but it is not.

A twitter user took this the platform to make a rather sad post about a racist woman a landlady in Lagos who rejected a tenant because he comes from Kogi state.

Now I know she may have had her experiences in the past about Kogi state people but all of them are not kike that and this is same thing as referring to every black man as a thief, dealer, drug addict, exorcist and all but not al black men are like this.

Her is the tweep;

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