Paying the Bills is not doing your wife a favor; Nollywood actress rants

So often times when marriage is mentioned ladies view this as a place they go to get alleviated from poverty which their fathers couldn’t do for them and then they get to give orders around the house of another man simply because she gave him children and also gives him s*x.

At least that’s what majority of Nigeria women would like to believe…

But ALAS, men have started making these ladies realize its much more than just coming to have s*x as it is quite bigger as this involve two people trying to complete one another which doesn’t span out from the fact that a man must have something serious doing before jumping into marriage.

A lot of important people have taken up the role of advising about marital issues in Nigeria and I must not forget to mention that the non important people too are doing it just for themselves to be liberated or to be heard, either ways, they are just trying to let us understand how marriage works.

Needless to say some of these gullible people are not yet marred.

Now I ask, how can anyone give advice on something they have never experienced before?

So, today a Nollywood veteran lend her voice to the never ending debate about marriages and how to get it right.

Here is what she has to say;

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