Man proposes which shower should be done; Citing Baby showers should be abolished

So it might be difficult to tell friends you just started a new business and expect them to patronize you and you are right this is just right about impossible so to speak.

Friends will rather come help you celebrate a baby shower and a baby bump and this is not something bad too.

But on the contrary, this man suggested the baby shower of a madness should stop and people should really put in their energy in trying to make other things work like Business shower.

This means when a friend opens up a business we all come together to celebrate it with them and not just a baby shower and this will guarantee that people do not go around to make mistakes and this also where we offer them advice on how to best develop their businesses.

I for one do agree with this veteran on this one as this madness is basically what women are known for and what they do.

Here is his tweep;

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