Life Coach Amanda Chisom directs a question to the Ministry of Agriculture

I cannot agree less to this question.

If you are anything like me you would have noticed that whenever you happen to buy a foodstuff in the market it starts getting messed up barely some hours after it stayed in your house; such foodstuffs include tomato, yam, potatoes, plantain among many others.

I understand that these are perishable foods but the rate at which they perish these days is quite something to be worried about.

Life coach Amanda Chisom took to Facebook a few minutes ago to pose an important question to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

She said and I quote why do food crops just start rotting the next day after being purchased?

The answers she got was quite straight and nothing but the truth.

The answer is so you can keep buying them it has no other meaning than this.

Truth is when I was little things were not like this as we had opportunities to grow our own crops and even the ones we buy from the market took long before going extinct.

Here is her question;

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