Lady refused to return #500,000 sent to her by a Nigerian-UAE resident in a bid to help

STOP helping people.

Wait, did you just read that right?

I am most certain you did.

People especially these poor folks do not know the value of help and they will abuse it any day anytime but still there are a good number of them who understand exactly what it means to help someone.

Just yesterday a man sent a lady money but the figure was mistaken, he had wanted to send her #5,000 but mistakenly sent her #500,000 and she has since refused to return this money and ghosted the man who sent her the money.

This man has taken to social media Facebook and twitter to air his dismay and ask this girl be apprehended.

This may look like another folktale story but hey, it just happened to someone.

Here is his wailing below;

Help find this girl and let justice be served.

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