Lady gets #500 Recharge Card from her 13 Year Old sister on her Birthday

Birthdays are special no matter how matured you are trying to prove you are by not observing them, they are still very very awesome days in our lives.

People we love try as much as they can to make us happy on our special days and trust me, I know the feeling just like mine is coming up in a few days.

What is not always found on birthdays is when little ones related to us like our Brother’s, sisters, Nephews and Nieces actually recall our birthdays, but what if we told you that some little ones are not actually all that little?

Yes… And to further prove the point;

A young woman on Twitter just this morning woke up to a happy birthday message sent to her by her little sister and the wonderful part is that she included a gift but this time, its a #500 airtime.

This is just hilarious as she took to her twitter page to thank her sister for the generous and thoughtful gift she gave to her.

This is absolutely remarkable;

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