Kai Haverts finally opens up about facing Real Madrid this night and what he expects

Kai Havertz opens up on what he expects of Real Madrid vs Chelsea tonight; Here is what he said.

It is not too bad for Chelsea players to expect the best and a higher result for the team ahead of Real Madrid second leg clash although they faced a very bitter first leg.

kai Havertz is hopeful that he will be able to be at his best and hopefully score good number of goals and also help the team.

Speaking to the clubs website he said;

“Naturally I want to be able to show my qualities during such moments because everyone’s watching,” 

“There’s probably also been important games where I didn’t perform well. But people seem to remember the games where I played well, where I scored. At the Club World Cup it was a rather difficult game and, in the first 117 minutes, I didn’t play my best game. But, nevertheless, people now remember the winning goal – the penalty.

“I simply try to stay calm during such important moments and just focus on myself and simply enjoy what I’m doing. Otherwise, when you’re 35 years old one day, you may ask yourself: “Why didn’t I enjoy that moment more back then?” or ‘Why didn’t I stop and take a breath back when I took that penalty and thought, “Wow! Awesome, you’re standing here, and people are watching you, just enjoy this”.’ That’s why I try to enjoy those moments as much as possible.”

“It is good when being compared to players that have played well in the past. It definitely feels good when the fans or people compare you to such a player.

“He has scored even more important goals than me. So, in the next few years, I’ll try to get there so that I fully deserve that comparison.”