Humanity at its Peak; Man Visits the Orphanage to Give Less Privileged Children a Nice Haircut

Ever wondering what humanity is?

Well this story has a perfect explanation to that for you.

A young man recently was discovered going to orphanages to give the less privileged children a nice haircut as they may not be able to afford one.

This man so to speak is a professional barber but he takes out his time to make sure he visits the orphanage to do his humanly duty.

Needless to say he didn’t ask for the publicity but we believe his good works should demand to be known as this could teach more people out there how to be human and not just being human.

Upon an interview he revealed his reason for doing so and they are just selfless;

He wrote…
“I wanted to portray that skills can also be used to touch the live of the less privilege not necessarily money and co’ alone.
God bless everyone, as we use our skills to pull smiles on the face of the needy.
“I’m Orphan myself! Let’s use our light shine before men so that all Glory returns back to God!”

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