How to become a Betking Agent. Probably the last thing you may want to do trust me.

You see, many people just publish the how to become a betking agent in their websites without actually being into the business simply because they think the How to become a Betking Agent keyword brings traffic and adds value to their website but no, you are misleading a whole lot of agents.

With with scruntinity and stop making people spend millions in what is not worth it.

Note; I am a betking agent and over the past few months I have had my worst Nightmare with this company and I decided to write this review because I will be quitting this business very soon.

This is not what we saw when we came in and for now I am no longer in for the shocks, otherwise they changed this madness.

So yes, this is a first hand experience from a current betking owner and matter of fact, I have not seen the withdrawals I made for over 29 Hours but as predicted it takes less than 24 hours to get processed and I hae a host of customers to pay their winnings.

This is what I know several other agents go through but cannot speak up.

And to Betking; My name is Nnoli Kenneth Chukwudi

My user ID is AN-AGU-0056

Just in case you want to know who is writing this.

Lets dive into this mess..

So you might be looking out to starting your own business and you are all excited about it cos you are about to become a betking shop owner and take all the commissions home.

Well that’s not how things are over here at least for now.

So in the past three weeks or more, betking said they are embarking on a crucial update in their system and urged all agents to be patient with them and all but this just turned around to be our biggest nightmare.

Collectively, we have had many betking agents speak how bad this thing is to them and their business but these people do not give a fuck.

We have seen hell with betking and for the records, if you are planning to become an agent with Betking, please read the below and stay clear of this betting platform at least for now till they are back in business.

There are many sides to betking which I will explain and in the end you will decide if you want to go through as an agent with these people or not.


Is your money safe with Betking?

If this question was asked five months ago I would have said yes, but for now I am not just sure.

Well you might find yourself in a very deep shit with your customers when you are a betking agent.

This is because customers winnings will Not be paid to you, don’t get me wrong, this is not as a result of your own fault but the fault of betking.

This can range from name mismatch in your account which you will not know where it is coming from because they can choose to change your name arrangements at will whenever they do an upgrade to their system and this will cripple your business and make you have problems physically with your customers.

Just as I am now I have over #200,000 to pay winners and betking hasn’t released my money that includes my weekly commissions.

Now let’s imagine if you will love to have a very good fight with customers before you pay them their winnings and nothing spoils business for you like this.

So with this, this business is already dead on arrival.

And at the time of writing this, I have over two winnings that refused getting paid.

Screenshots below;

The figures in the first one #31,552 is still pending since yesterday

The second #37960 is still pending too.

Can you get help from super agents?

Most probably not.

Unless. You are open to do either new year, Easter, Valentine’s day and also Christmas for them and by such I mean give them chunk of money occasionally.

At least not to all of them but just very few of them which I am not too lucky I fell in their hands.

Since December last year 2020, after I declined giving my super agent money, he never offer his assistance to me anymore, wait…

And you all know what the covid-19 did to businesses and not speaking of someone who just started a new business as me.

He refused practically to do his job because of some chunk of cash I denied him due to the bad state of business.

So now if I run down on cash by the weekend I cannot count on my super agent to help.

Matter of fact he doesn’t pick my calls either and happen to always be in a meeting if he happened to pick calls.

How bizarre?

How about their customer care agents?

At least I will give a few of them the credit for being good.

Need I remind you that the betking twitter handle is the worst place you have to go to seek for help?

Okay read on.

But a large number of them are just mad.

Yes very mad.

One of them will tell you something totally different from what the other person will tell you and this just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

I recalled when I went for my training in Onitsha, we were told that the betking customer care is the best compared to many other betting companies but this didn’t just go as they said when I moved into the real life matters with these customers care personnel’s.

At some point my live chats started getting ignored, turned off and even declined due to the fact that I requested to know why a name I opened my betking account with and always received payments on winnings of customers suddenly changed after their silly upgrade to their system.

The first agent shut the chat, the second asked me to get a court affidavit to change of name and upon further questions the rest of them never replied to my messages at all and even if they did they just gave a brief reply.

Well, someone might want to help me and explain this.

But if you want to sign up as a betking agent, know that this is one of the things you will deal with and no one will be there to attend to you.

Here is a host of chats these people never responded the same thing to and the ones I was shut off from and disconnected.

How about the authenticity of the games played?

Well I can say the games played is pretty nice just that sometimes a single ticket can be paid multiple times and this becomes a problem because even if they deduct all the over payed winnings in your account, they will always someday take out extra and there is nothing you can do about it and no one is there to listen to you.

Here is what I mean below;

See this #11,000, thats exactly what I mean by these deductions.

Now check if you can stand these deductions in your account as a betking agent.

Reason is, the customer service isn’t even ready to lift an eyebrow.

This is the same thing I am passing through now.

I just got an illegal deduction of #11,000 and I cannot do anything about it.

Spoke to customer care who said it was because of same over payed winnings there four weeks ago.

Hope you’re getting the idea?

How about the website interface and users interface?

It might interest you to know that betking website on mobile loads a single page in averagely 15 seconds and other betting platform do so in two seconds take for example bet9ja.

And if you wonder what is the meaning of this and what does it do to my business…


Here is what it causes you…

People will keep comparing your shop and website to other bet9ja counterparts and this will be a major blow in the face for your business.


Agent Security?

There isn’t any security here as money you saw now can be gone the next minute.

He’s it definitely can.

I am just trying all I can to out up with these because it’s not that hard to leave.

Payment of winnings to agents.

One of the days you will find out that you are actually playing with fire is the day you will have a winning in your shop as a betking agent and then just then, you will know what I am talking about.

As seen in the customer support chat below, you can see a withdrawal I made in the early hours of the last day still being verified for God knows what and till now I have not seen the money.

It’s not your fault sir but from Betking.

Imagine not having a dime on you and this withdrawal is the only way you hope to pay up winners their cash and you’re stuck here.

How would you go about it?

I need to remind you that people who play games do not smile at you When they win no matter the level of friendship you share with them and no matter how much they owe you before they won.

They will just say pls remove your money and balance me.

I have gone through hell as a result of this one particularly 😡 and just today I couldn’t pay a total winnings of #50,000 and till now I cannot.

Customer flow rate

Now let’s leave the incompetence of betking aside and look at the ability to make money with them.

Betking has a market share of 20% of the physical gaming world while bet9ja has the rest 80%.

It can take you a whole six months or more to build up a shop that earns you #20,000 weekly that’s around #12,000 weekly when expenses is removed, now imagine that shop with all these problems associated with betking as mentioned above.

Betking virtual games

Betking virtuals play worse than the worse matches in bet9ja virtuals.

People always complain about the virtuals playing so bad that they run away from it.

You can only make customers from the live he’s as many people now know that betking live games odd is far better than that of bet9ja.

In conclusion

I will never advice even my enemy to join betking at least for now. Till all these drama is settled

I will encourage anyone to join bet9ja as an agent because this is a trusted company in betting and they will never have this kind of issue betking is having.

If you feel these advice and life experience from a betking agent isn’t good enough, you might want to venture into the whole messy and see it happen to you personally.

Till then, Invest in other businesses.

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