Homeless man actually rejects Tea sad he loves coffee instead

So I might need to remind you that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you have been, principles are principles.

Just before yesterday came to an end, a woman took to social media to share a bizarre news which featured a homeless man she had wanted to help with something to eat so she got him tea but the man politely declined that he doesn’t like tea but prefers coffee instead.

Although you will always hear that a beggar has no choice but this man wasn’t just having any of that.

Here is what transpired;



Written translation;

“A homeless man today refused to take a tea I bought for him because he didn’t drink tea – he said he preferred coffee. That humbled me because I shouldn’t have assumed that he would like tea, I should’ve asked.
In my defense, I assumed everyone liked tea. It was part of a meal deal for something he did ask for. Tea was first go to” – Beggar rejects tea given to him by a good Samaritan, says he prefers coffee.


Now actually it is safe to say that beggars do have a choice.

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