Hire Me

let me help you out from the experiences that I have gathered so far,
Below are the list of services that I can render to you.

  •  Free blog :

I will set up a free blog for you on blogger platform,that means, after setting it up, you will not have
to spend any other money, all you will do is to
start making money with your new blog.
Setup price : N 2000

  • Cheap blog :

I will set up a very cheap blog for you on blogger platform with a custom domain, after setting it up,  you start making
money with your new created blog. Then you
will pay annual fee for your domain based on
how much you bought it.
Note : You don’t need to pay for a hosting plan
because it will be hosted free of charge
Setup price : N 5000

  •  Advanced blog setup : { self hosted wordpress blog }

I will set up a self hosted wordpress blog for you. This is an advanced blog that will be hosted on wordpress platform.
I will host it for complete one year for you.After setting it up for you,
you start off your blogging life. This is more
advanced than the ones mentioned above. I will install the most useful plugins for you to help you make your WordPress blog have awesome features.
Setup price : N 10,000


  •  Paypal account setup :

I will create a verified paypal account for you to receive your online
payments from anywhere in the world.
Setup price : N 3000


  •  Changing of .blogspot.com to your desired custom domain name:

If you are still blogging with .blogspot.com from blogger which makes your blog not to look professional, I can help you to change it to a custom domain name.
Setup price : Contact me from my contact page above to get the price.


  •  Creating of sales page for downloadable products:

If you sell digital products like eBooks, I can help you to create a sales page for you on blogger platform.
Your buyers will now buy and download your product immediately after they pay you and you will receive your payment automatically without meeting with the buyer.
Setup Price : N5,000

And others that are not listed
here, if you need any of our help to help
you succeed in your blogging life, feel free to
contact us.