Here is why we lost to Real Madrid and Brentford; Here is exactly what he said

Tuchel has finally given the reason Chelsea slacked after international break; Here is what he said

Tuchel is aware of the Chelsea fans pain as they seem to have slacked too behind after their last match ad this was just coming after the international break and he has hinted on this and promised Chelsea fans that this will not be happening anytime soon again.

Speaking to this effect, Tuchel said;

“There were some reasons and are some reasons why it isn’t always easy for us to have this commitment and hunger and the physical input because we come from an awful lot of matches and ruthless schedule. 

“We are the team that played the most in 2022, that is why it’s not always easy but this is the reality. We need it, we simply need it.”

“It’s not about blaming the players. I understand there were a lot of reasons why it was hard for us after the international break but it just proves the point again today. If we have it right, we can show our quality – because we have the quality. It’s what makes us a dangerous and special group.”