Earnin App Review; Now You Can Borrow Money in USA Easily

Earnin App Review; If there has ever been one thing people need ever the most I would say that is the ability to get their hands on some cash when they do not have none.

This is not specific to any part of the world  but every part of the world take USA for example.

I love seeing reasons to bring to you the best ways to get money when you are totally down with cash and the Earning App does just that.

First things first, what is the Earning App?

Just like every other payday loan app, the Earning App is an app which helps you get some money without actually having any at the time with the sole promise of paying back in a stipulated time so to speak.

Now you may be wondering what the word Payday really means, well that is the reference [point of the app taking back the borrowed money up[on your next pay day automatically witho0ut seeking your consent and of course you must have accepted these terms before you signed up and borrowed money from Earnin App.

Just so you are wondering what happens before you get some cash from Earnin App, below are a few things we found out digging deeper into the earnin App.

Not everyone is allowed to participate in Earnin App

Its nothing sort of a surprise that this will not and never be something quite open to just right about everyone who just wished to use it.

It is not that easy to get some chunk of ,cash from Earnin App otherwise everyone will have their pockets filled bot wo deserves it and those who did not.

To be able to use the Earnin App you must have a direct deposit to a checking account set up through your employed and you must also have a very constant pay period, wic may be weekly, Biweekly, monthly, semi monthly, or either work at the same location every day or use a timesheet to track your working hours.

You must have at least $4 an hour pay after taxes and other dues have been deducted from your account and this is not a joke.

While calculating Earnins, supplemental security income and disability payments are not included so to speak.

The Earnin App calculates how much gets deposited to your account by a single employer and also your work schedule which means if you have a side gig it cannot be included in your earnings.

If you are an Uber driver, you are in luck as you can get to use the app with the Uber App.

With Earnin App Privacy isn’t all that private

Wile trying to setup your Earnin App account, you must sacrifice your details which ranges from bank details to your routing number and information linking your checking account.

You will need to upload a photo of your timesheets  upon application so that your time frame for working can be tracked and also your phones GPS will be used to determine when you are at work.

Now you know why privacy isn’t private here.

Low first time borrowing Limit exists

The first time you try to borrow money you can only get your hands on $100 noting more.

But subsequently, the Earnin App will adjust your borrowing limits to $500 or more de0pending on how you use the App, how fast you repay, how you sped money and how well you work at the time of the borrowing.

What banks you have and whether your employer works directly with earnin can also be considered as a point of focus.

Now, i9f by any chance you borrowed more than you are allowed to do so, you will not get anymore funds till your next pay cycle continues.

Earnin low borrowing limits can help you prevent borrowing more than you need if you are looking for a small loan but for big loan seekers, we will advice that Earnin App isn’t just the right place for you to be.

There are no interests

One of the things that scare people away from taking a loan from a loan sector is the interests and fees attached to it but this is very far from the main thing when it comes to earnin.

Earnin App will not require any added fees or an interests when you want to take up a loan from them and as such they are a very good option if you really do not earn that much.

T this juncture, if you’re considering using the Earnin app to get a cash advance on your next paycheck, here are a few more things to know.

  • iOS and Android: The Earnin app is available for both Apple and Android users.
  • Waiting period: It can take up to 72 hours to activate your account after you sign up.
  • Direct deposit minimums: You must have a minimum of two direct deposits totaling at least $100 into your checking account to start borrowing money through Earnin.
  • Lightning Speed feature: This tool gives you access to your money the same day you request it. So if you’re not signed up for Lightning Speed, you may not receive your money until the next business day. And Lightning Speed isn’t available at all banks.
  • Overdraft protection: Earnin could help you avoid overdraft fees when you sign up for the Balance Shield feature, which lets you know when your bank balance is getting low. You may also choose to have amounts of up to $100 automatically transferred to your checking account to prevent overdrawing your account.

Wo should use the Earnin App?

The Earnin App is good for a small earner who doesn’t need to borrow too much. there are some levels of borrowing that cann0t be accessed by the Earnin App and this is where the little borrowing comes into play here wit the Earnin App.

If you find yourself always using the Earnin App you might want to recheck your options and be sure you are not going financially backwards.

Earnin app requirements

Head to google Play store and download the Earnin App first to get started. then provide the following information’s;

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Paycheck information
  • Bank name
  • Bank account information
  • Employer information

App like earnin

The Earnin App can have a lot of alternatives or apps that quite look like them in the same way and offer almost the same services to end users.

These Apps include;

  • TD Bank: A personal loan from TD Bank could be a good choice if you’re looking for a larger loan amount.
  • Prosper: Prosper might be a good option for people who don’t meet Earnin’s eligibility requirements.