Destiny Etiko explains Reason behind her acting; I find this motivating

I am sure you do not need a reminder on who Destiny Etiko is.

Now, have you ever imagined anyone had a clear path to success, think again because you may be wrong, maybe just this time.

Ever heard of the saying

Give to life Nothing, but take from life, Everything?

This is just right about the case when it comes to the Nigeria veteran actress Destiny Etiko who took to her page to explain how life has been and how she finally ventured into the theatre industry which was never what she studied in school.

But of course this one above is natural in Nigeria, you can never practice what you studied but the interesting part is that she went on to become a star irrespective of the obstacles she faced and dismantled;

Here are her own words…

“Before I started acting, I’ve always said I will never work for anyone, but rather be independent doing my own thing. I read marketing. Acting is something I love and I’m passionate about. So, whoever I’m falling in love with or having a relationship with should understand that I love acting and that I’ve been doing it before we met.
“I’ll have to look for an understanding man. Probably, there has to be an understanding that there are some roles I shouldn’t do, like …”
Joining up to this she made it clear that she is not leaving acting for any man, but of course we will be here to analyze this in the end.

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