Can You Use a Very Credit Card Anywhere; Our Professional Take on This

Can You Use a Very Credit Card Anywhere; Our Professional Take on This. As provided by the Very credit card website, we do not see exactly where it is stated that this card cannot be used everywhere but for clarity sake lets hope it is.

The very credit card is a card offered by the Capital One Financials and it is used for making payments while buying things at the shopping mall which answers the question above.

This credit card may find it hard to be used elsewhere to buy stuffs online and probably can be used only on the shopping mall as it is issued by them for that specific reason.

This is not just an easy get to card as it is used basically by the people who are qualified for it in which the shop direct company acts as their exclusive credit broker.

Can You Use a Very Credit Card Anywhere

I presume the answer is NO. This card may only be available for use at the shopping mall.

About the

Here is a brief history of the credit card. The is a British online shop that offers sales of products ranging from men and women fashions, Children and baby accessories, Toys, sports and leisure equipment, Home and garden facilities, gaming, gifts and jewelry, beauty products, and hosts of other products.

If you have an account with and you happen to be qualified for this card you can use it to make purchases on their website while you buy the things you need.

How to verify if you qualify for the Credit card

Check if you are qualified through this link.

You will be asked to provide your information which will range from…

  1. Title
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Date of birth
  5. Then click on the get started button.

Someone may say it is better to buy clothes with a normal bank card as the Very credit card may not offer so many to their users after all but what if we told you there are many advantages to using the very credit card?

  1. Offers credit limit up to £1,500
  2. Gives users access to their account details online £10 back when you place an order on (Offer Terms & Conditions)
  3. Member can easily apply and get
  4. Offers no annual fees
  5. Won’t affect your credit rating
  6. Responds to you in 60 seconds

Very Credit card rates

  • It offers a 34.9% Variable APR

How you will know if you will be accepted for this credit card

Here below are the criteria that will allow you get approved for this card

  1. You must be above 18
  2. Should be on electoral Roll
  3. Shouldn’t be declared bankrupt in the last 12 months.

Very credit card login

You can make an easy login that is If you’re an existing cardholder. Click the login page.

Fill up your details as required and then login into this credit card dashboard.

How to recover very credit card lost password

If you have lost or forgotten your login password, you can easily click on  ‘’forgotten Password’’, then enter the necessary details to retrieve your password.