Azplicueta attacks Chelsea fan who was not happy about Arsenal defeat; watch video

Azpilicueta who was just not having one of the best evenings of his life was thrown a tantrum by an angry Chelsea fan as they are already loosing to Arsenal yesterday night and to crown it all he caused Chelsea a goal that sealed Arsenals lead.

In the heat of the moment, Azpilicueta confronted and attacked the Chelsea fan in a video below and Tuchel has reacted to this mess.

“I was not part of it, I saw it, but, honestly, I can also understand the fan.

“It was a totally wild and open game in the first half, already at 2-2 after we came back twice.

“We had a good start but again gave the first goal away, which is impossible to do these things in consecutive matches. But we’re doing it.

“We came back twice and we scored another two in the second half, unfortunately for the wrong side.

“It’s a level of mistakes, the number of mistakes in consecutive games here at home, it’s impossible at this kind of level. You don’t see this.

“It’s simply impossible, but we’re doing this at the moment and you cannot win football games like this.

“It’s not about individual players. A defensive performance is a team performance and an offensive performance is a team performance.

“You need to have the tactics right, which is doubtful I had this right, and you need the team selection right, again it’s doubtful I had this right.

“Then it’s a game for the players. They get full praise when they do it, when they did it for the last three matches.

“And they have to face the reality that it’s impossible to win matches if you make this amount of mistakes of this calibre. It’s simply impossible. I don’t see it in any other matches but I see it now in consecutive matches of our games and it has to stop.” 

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