Animal Cruelty; Lions were found a shadow of themselves in OAU and UI Zoos

This is one of the most bizarre things you probably will see this week.

Two people who took a stroll to OAU and UI zoos cannot just keep what they just got to find out to themselves alone as they all ran to twitter to share the message out to the world.

I do not like lions as a pet but not when they are being maltreated to death, a certain tweet just caught the attention of the general public and made question humanity as we know it.

Lions were found in the zoos in OAU and UI as they have been very very much starved to near death and they just turned to a shadow of themselves even when you look from a far place.

I could vow that these lions has lost what it takes to bite or hunt a prey.

They could even die if nothing was done to save this king of the jungle;

See photos;

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