How I Accidentally Made $27.69 in Five Days Using Ad Network.

  Do you think nothing else apart from Google Adsense can make you money online through Ad serving on your website? Then you might be wrong.

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Are you tired of Google Adsense shits and stuff?

Are you thinking you cannot make money online anymore by displaying relevant Ads on your website for your visitors?

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Are you tired of your visitors seeing non-relevant Ads on your website?

Are you tired of having only a few clicks on your Ads even when you have thousands of visitors?

Are you tired of worrying over the CTR to be afraid of in your Google Adsense account?

Just in fact, are you tired of the whole Adsense issues?

Are you tired of Google Adsense monthly deductions?

Then let’s get down to business and get you a solution fast before you may quit blogging.

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So I suppose you have had a series of problems with the Google Adsense program for monetizing your website for quite a long time and as such you might have faced a ban some time ago with Google Adsense.

To monetize your website with Google Adsense have never been easy, so as such we the webmasters and the diversified bloggers have decided to find another means of making money online with our websites.

As the legit webmasters we are, we are not trying to make money online daily and our plan is to make a huge amount online but since the Google Adsense program has decided to go harder with approving their publishers, and they have decided to make sure that every process of the whole system, is now highly difficult, so we decided to seek for better ways to make money with advertising on our websites.

There is currently no way to use Google Adsense again without getting approved first and you are not rest assured that you can keep the Google Adsense account till you’re paid out as an Adsense user.

In a bid to find something else that can pay bloggers very well so as not to engage in heartbreaking news when it comes to Google Adsense BAN, we came up with the Adsense alternative but we wouldn’t like to do this review without seeing a dime in the system as we have used their Ads on our website for just less than a week.

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Note: We will never tell you what we do not do and we can never tell you what didn’t work for us as this is our standard when it comes to what we write here

  • So… was able to give us more than Google Adsense gives to us in a week just in five days of straightforward advertising with their program on our website and we felt awe about this.

So we have decided to share our experience with you here and make you known the step by step procedure we took to make this happen.

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We are about to share with you the detailed guide we use on our website to make sure that we make the maximum revenue from much that we make from the Google Adsense program. has been a top replacement of the Google Adsense program for our company website for just five days we are able to pull off $27.69 but we do not always make above $20 or less with the Google Adsense program but we have been quite happy we found a reliable replacement with the program.

But before we move into details, we would like to explore the reason why we decided to say that the is the best Google Adsense alternative and they are listed below;

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Why is better than Adsense

  • No sudden ban on your account
  • No filtering on people who click on your own Ads
  • No monitoring of IP addresses for people who click on Ads
  • No silly Adsense shits about invalid clicks and scrapped contents
  • No content violation warnings
  • No monthly deductions as Google Adsense do as every invalid clicks deduction get done immediately after the earnings day

So, let’s get on the fast track and analyze how to make good money with and this is still exactly how I made $27.69 just in five days with

What we did to earn $27.69 with in five days

  • But wait;

Here are the screenshot proof of our income in five days using

Image credit: Camera
Image credit: Camera
Image credit: Camera
Image credit: Camera

Note: We are telling you exactly what we did and as such we expect you to do the same.

First things first

  • We searched a good and a supported website niche to choose

A good and a supported website niche is one of the things you need as a blogger who aspires to use to make money online as it can be proven that several websites do have their own ups and downs and as well the Ad networks they do work with.

Google Adsense work with several websites niches and so do work with some website niches and perform best with them.

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Niches that work best with are listed as follows;

  • Blogging tutorial
  • Webmaster
  • SEO
  • Online marketing
  • Selling online
  • Technology
  • E-commerce
  • Education and scholarship

These website niches do work best for approval as well as maximum earnings with Ad network.

  • We created a high-quality problem-solving website

We used to run Google Adsense Ads on our company website back in the days until we are no longer satisfied with the earnings we are making on our website using the Google Adsense program so we decided to apply for and get started immediately on the platform.

At first, we didn’t take this serious because we always received sponsored posts on our website and also sponsored links so we were never worried about looking into Ad networks potential but just recently we did and the result was awesome.

Just from the 4th of this month November, 2018, we started using the Ad network and we took out only five days to run the same Ads we run for Google Adsense that makes only less than $20 for us in a week on this platform and we made $27.69 in five days.

Awesome, isn’t it?

The first key to this earning is to create a key website and a principal website that can get you approved for the program and sustain your earning.

A good website will get you any Ad network you wish to work or publish with and make you good income by the month starting from Google Adsense to but most preferred, we use above Google Adsense and we now do implore our readers to invest in with a good website and hopefully get approved.

  • We wrote a good and compelling article

We had several good contents on our website which we know have solved several blogging problems for people who happened to be bloggers both the newbies and the oldies per blogging.

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We have always done several extended keyword research before writing our contents and as such we do make sure we do have a problem-solving article every day for both the pro bloggers and the newbie bloggers.

This is the basic reason we stood a chance of making much money from over Google Adsense as they serve almost contextual Ads than Google Adsense do offer as almost all our website visitors do click on our Ads and the ones which didn’t click on Ads, end up converting through eRPM (estimated Revenue Per Mile).

Unequivocally good articles and outstanding ones do get you far from where you can ever think you are when it comes to making money online and this was the reason we excelled at every Ad network we used.

  • We tried generating visitors from distinct locations

Sequel to the protocol we know.

We do understand that every Ad network has its own distinct way of making money through it and this is why you may be using the same Ad network with your friend and he may be recording good income daily and you will not be having the same result.

This is why it is highly advised that you must be familiar with how every system works before you venture into it.

We generated visitors from these regions using a specified kind of advertising which costs us very little to acquire several visitors to our website from the best locations and made maximum income from these visitors.

We did not say you cannot use facebook generated visitors or search engine visitors but we only tried to say that using Facebook will cost you too much to get the visitors needed to make money in with but using our strategy, you can be making $5 and above daily when you spend $1.50 or less.

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So this is why we are introducing you this awesome platform to generate revenue from by providing the basic visitors needed by the Ad network so as to generate maximum income.

Note: We are not trying to charge you, we are only trying to tell you what you should do if you ever needed to make money with and leave Google Adsense for good.

Visitors from these locations we will show you if you Email us here are the best way to make money with and also note that any visitors apart from these locations will only have a conversion of peanuts in your account.

Note: we have carried out all these practicals and came out with the best result and as such we are telling you an authentic information here and it is never a joke.

  • We used the best Ad placements as they instructed by themselves so as to get better income

We resorted to making use of the Ad placement the team suggested to us after trying out several other ad placements which worked with Google Adsense for us in the system and they proved to be abortive.

Now I learned why sometimes, what works here might not work there.

We used these below-stated Ad sizes;

  • 728*90 in first inside post Ads
  • 600*250 in the second inside post Ads
  • 600*250 in the last inside post Ads
  • 300*600 in the two sidebar Ads

And these Ad placements sizes have been generating us a good income since they were implemented.

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Getting everything right was kind of difficult but as we followed the designed protocol given to us, we were beginning to find out what we should be doing and this is exactly what we are sharing with you.

  • We watched the income grow

As we applied all these protocols, we did watch our income grow beyond what we usually see with Google Adsense in a week on in just five days and we were seriously moved by this.

We never wanted to make this our main Ad network on our company website but on a second thought, we decided to give the a full-time space in our website and see if they could perform better and make us up to $500 monthly if we gave the program the chance to exist in our platform for a whole month.

This time if it proves worth it, we will make it a permanent Ad network for our company website.

  • Now over to you

Do you feel like Google Adsense is a no-go area for you? Then we might have the solution to the difficult time you are facing.

Put up a call to us through this phone number 08167288616 or you can email us @ and just get started from the very scratch as stated in our article.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

Having a Google Adsense account is not a guarantee that you will make money with it as you will never ask your visitors to click on your own Ads but the Ad network can fetch your income even when your visitors are not clicking your Ad.


  1. Kay says

    wow! This is a complete guide and i appreciate, I will also consider using them too because the way I see their adverts on your website is even enticing.

    Visitors will eager to click

    1. Blograbbit says

      I wouldn’t Agree less as I have given them the full space to exist on my website and now I have made me over $50 in a few days. Absolutely they are the match outside Google Adsense as I wouldn’t need Adsense to appear on my website again.

      Thanks for dropping by, we really do appreciate your contribution to our work here

      By the way thanks for the compliment above.

  2. Destiny George says

    is it possible to use with adsense on one website

    1. Blograbbit says

      For the record, it is 100% possible and you stand no chance of risking your website earnings and visitors but in more crucial cases, it is better to use one ad network and see its full potential’s before you can conclude that it works or it doesn’t work.

      Using only on a website will give you access to the whole impressions you’re supposed to get on the traffic you’re getting to your website.

      But using it alongside adsense may make an ad not to be seen always and this will decrease the impression counts on the ad network

      For what is worth, is more effective than Google adsense as it allows us earn a huge chunk of what we never earned with Adsense in our company website

      I advice you try only and see r the result looks like.

      Thanks for dropping by, we really appreciated your visit to our website.

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