Facebook ViewPoint App Review; Get Paid To Take Surveys for Facebook

Facebook ViewPoint App Review; This is an app that will help you Get Paid To Take Surveys for Facebook and make at least $1000 monthly.

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We have written several reviews here @blogincomes about make money online and for what is worth, we also endorse reviews on research programs that helps people make money online even if they are not for Nigerians.

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Initially, a review on Facebook research program was launched by us here @blogincomes and we were sure that many Nigerians benefited from our reviews before they went point blank in paying Nigerians and now another App just like the Facebook research program just came up and this is the Facebook Viewpoint app and this is where we will anchor our review today.

Fact stated, there are many ways to make money online and easily if you are not in Nigeria than there are when you are in Nigeria and without much stress too.


Lets talk about the Facebook Viewpoint App review and how to make money taking surveys for Facebook Viewpoint.

My Facebook Viewpoint App Review

It is said that Facebook just can’t help being itself, no matter how many times it promises to turn over a new leaf. If there were still any doubts about that, then this new Android and iOS app it just launched should be proof enough.

To use Facebook Viewpoints, you’ll have to provide information like your name, email address, country of residence, date of birth, and gender.

The app can pull that from your Facebook account, which is the only supported login method at this time.

After that, you’ll be invited to “programs,” which are surveys that award a set number of points.

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Reach 1,000 points, and Facebook sends you $5 via PayPal.

Facebook says it’ll be careful with your data (for real this time), and it won’t sell it to third-parties.

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Viewpoints is only for improving Facebook products like Instagram WhatsApp, and Facebook itself.

On the surface, it seems like a harmless survey app that actually benefits respondents by paying them for their time and effort but, as with anything Facebook, we are never aware of the implications until it’s too late.

Anyone might not want to disclose their personal life or data to anyone else but with Facebook, we usually do that even without knowing we just did and this is somewhat disturbing when it turns to become late and dawn on us.

At least Facebook is being a bit more upfront this time.

  • First, it publishes the app under its own name as Facebook Viewpoints.
  • Second, it makes no qualms that the surveys are intended to improve its products, including Facebook itself, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Oculus.
  • It also admits that it will pay users, not for very survey but when they accumulate enough points to redeem as cash.

This could be a little bit not good for you as a person.

Currently, Facebook is also laying out its privacy policy for the Facebook viewpoint app, detailing the information it will collect, including name, email address, country of residence, gender, and birth date.

There is also “additional information” that includes location and some things Facebook may decide to add after the fact.

It does promise not to sell the data to third parties or publish activities to Facebook feeds.


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While Facebook seems to be doing things by the book this time, it’s the underlying assumptions that will make privacy advocates queasy.

Just a few months ago, Facebook was again put under the microscope for a “research” app that paid users in exchange for tracking their activities.

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The idea here is the same, just more overt, that Facebook is dangling the promise of money to get people to do what it wants them to.

For those interested in participating, Facebook Viewpoints’ first survey is about digital well-being, at least as far as its apps are concerned.

It seems that surveys will be thematic and scheduled, so don’t expect an instant payout just by answering one survey.

Facebook Viewpoints App is still rolling out, so we don’t know how easy it will be to reach 1,000 points. One of the screenshots shows a 15-minute survey (with 83 questions) that awards 1,000 points, but that could be an outlier for all we know.

Facebook is not the only big company compensating users for taking surveys—Google has the popular Opinion Rewards app, but Google has been a better steward of our data than Facebook.

If you really want that Facebook cash and live in the US, you can install the app below.

Here is the link to Download The Facebook Viewpoints App for Android Users.

Wrapping up on Facebook Viewpoints App review

The Facebook Viewpoints App is a reliable app that helps you make money online in the USA as a teen but this app is not linked up for Nigerians as they do not need your Data.

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I can endorse this App as a result of the fact that Facebook has promised to keep users data at a very safe place and not sell them to third parties just as it was opposed by the Facebook research program App.

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We hope this App helps you make some cash.

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