Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap; A Comprehensive List.

Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap; Here is the list of all autosurf sites that are somewhat closely related with Hitleap or in some ways even better than it.

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Not minding you could be looking for Hitleap alternatives before you might have dropped into this post, I am also quite aware that this list could be all you need to know about Hitleap alternatives as all the autosurf sites like Hitleap we will discuss here are the direct alternatives to Hitleap.

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A little insight on Hitleap and other autosurf sites like Hitleap

Hitleap is an autosurf site which has the most and the best output in the industry of autosurf sites as we had our earlier discussion on Autosurf sites that pay in 2019 and Hitleap made our list and was among the most preferred among other autosurf sites.

Autosurf sites like Hitleap ranged from several sites that pay users to send traffic to certain websites and also to their own website while they make money surfing websites.


I will be needing to make something quite clear here; All these autosurf sites like the Hitleap and autosurf sites like Hitleap do not tend to make website owners any money nor impact any positive result in any website but just to the fulfillment of the website owner to fool people as to have traffic.

That being said…

Lets look at autosurf sites like Hitleap and their explanations.

Before then, lets have a look at this video to explain to us better;

Autosurf sites like Hitleap

Below are a full list of autosurf sites like Hitleap…

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Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap

HitSafari is a traffic exchange platform for getting unlimited traffic on blog and website but this will never be a good traffic just for the knowing.

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If you want to get traffic on your website then use HitSafari to get more traffic.

The best about HitSafari is that it always targets on the relevant audience. Now this is just a claim as you and I know what an autosurf site really is.

There has never been a claim from anyone that traffic generated by Autosurf sites ever made them a conversion in their websites.

In any way possible.

HitSafari is a great and best platform where you will earn as much Bot traffic as much you pay to others aside the Hitleap.


Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap

Heard about the BuxEpt?

This is among the Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap and it is a traffic exchange website that is totally free.

The more you will visit others link, the more you will get on your blog or website.

If you will visit 10,000 links in a day then you will get 10,000 on your website as well.

The best about BuxEpt is that there are no limit over daily visiting.

BuxEpt is equally beneficial for members and advertiser.

You might be foolish enough to think that as a human visitor you are using other websites that you will get the same human visitors coming to your own website.

But this could be a very big joke.

You get 20% human non interested visitors or even far less and the rest is just bot generated traffic.

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Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap

In our last review, we wrote extensively about the Ebesucher.

This is a traffic exchanger and mail exchanger platform.

The users of Ebesucher are webmaster, advertisers and many other individuals.

The best about Ebesucher is that it is also available for mail exchange as well that work just like traffic exchanger.

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Ebesucher provides the traffic without any costs.

Ebesucher is a great platform for earning more from your website.

Tezak Traffic Power

Tezak Traffic Power is among the Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap. This is a free to use traffic exchange platform.

The best about Tezak Traffic Power is that unlike other traffic exchange, Tezak Traffic Power provides the 11 methods for getting traffic on your website or blog.

First method of Tezak Traffic Power is just like other traffic generating website and that is view other marketing sites and get as much on your as your visit others.

Manual Traffic Exchange

Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap

Manual Traffic Exchange is among the Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap and for earning more money from your website by increasing the number of visitors on your website.

Manual Traffic Exchange deals in traffic exchange for website and social media networking.

Manual Traffic Exchange is designed with the aim of getting more traffic on your websites. Join it for free.

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Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap

When I started to blog, I made use of the 10KHits as a traffic source and I thought I was on track but like hell I wasn’t in track. This autosurf site is for getting free and highly fake traffic on websites, blogs, business websites, online stores, video channels, social media accounts and much more.

The deal is simple; hit on the link of others and get hit on yours.

The benefits of using 10KHits are: real-fake visitors, enhance Alexa rank, boost website worth, lower bounce rate, totally secure (But do not use fr Adsense and do not let the claim fool you) etc.

247 Auto Hit

247 Auto Hit is among the Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap and it is a free source for getting unlimited traffic for free.

247 Auto Hit is one of the best traffic ex changers.

The best about 247 Auto Hit is that in addition to traffic exchange it also works on commission basis.

On visiting the website others, the users will get commission in addition to unique visitors on their website or personal blog.

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Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap

Now the slogan in the photo above must be a big fat lie I must tell you.

AutoWebSurf just like Hitleap is another auto hits traffic exchange platform.

The system of AutoWebSurf automatically refers the visitors to the website of its registered users.

The best about AutoWebSurf is that it delivers the visitor that stay on the website from 10 second to 300 second to decrease the bounce rate and increase the Alexa rank.

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Traffic Bunnies

Traffic Bunnies is an all in one platform for traffic solution that allow the users to get traffic on their personal blog or website by following some simple steps.

In addition to traffic exchange, other best features of Traffic Bunnies are: active administration, anti-cheat features, and addictive prize bar for getting more traffic.


Web traffic is one thing I know will be very hard to get no matter how hard you try.

Even using paid search is not always the way out.

Now you can guess how false this claim below really is.

EasyHits4u is a website that promotes the websites and ads of its users.

The best about EasyHits4u is that in addition to providing free visitors to users against their visits, it also pay the commission on visits.

The notable features of EasyHits4u are: easy networking system, simple method of traffic exchange, and availability of various marketing tools.

Wrapping up on Autosurf Sites Like Hitleap

So I have used Autosurf sites when I started out as a blogger but I was really wrong.

A single human visitor from search engine is better than a thousand visitors from an autosurf websites as they will never be of any good to you by contributing to the growth of your website.

Every online entrepreneur will tell you that these are silly tactics by the newbie bloggers who get fooled easily.


Focus on search engine and build your traffic and do not invest in these autosurf sites like Hitleap.

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