How to Use Nairaland to Boost The Search Engine Visitors of Your Website Within Hours of Article Publication

Exclusively written guide by the Admin.

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So, good day again, I know you are up and running for the write up for today?

Now, let’s start out with learning the most important aspect of the number 1 forum in Nigeria (Nairaland).

I will not be discussing the full details of here on this article as the above topic or heading said otherwise. As a result, I will be talking extensively about how to use Nairaland forum to drive massive search engine traffic to your website at no cost extra to yourself.

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This strategy when adopted well works just as good as the full and complete SEO strategy for websites considering the fact that you have high-quality contents.

Truth is;

You might be needing some good contents to be able to pull this off.

So, I have been using this strategy and it seems to work for me all the time and I decided at this point to share this wonderful trick with you guys here.

Besides, it wouldn’t make any sense I knew something only by myself and for myself. That could be seen as selfishness if I was right.

So, before I go into the details on how to do this, I would like you to take note of several reasons why I said this and it works as such.

  • First;

We all know how long the platform have been on the NET as it is above 10 years online and the domain name or rather the website has at least a very high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) and this is what we will be using to our own credit in this article we are writing today.

  • Second;

The domain name is trusted far and wide and beyond Nigeria and as such you do not have to worry about visitors not clicking through when they find you on as a result that the domain has always provided the required information to people without being disappointed.

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This is enough reason why you should trust the website and publish with them.

  • Thirdly; was reported to be the Nigerian website with the highest number of active users.

just consider this a business point to make your products go viral and make you more money. Several people do share their products reviews on and this according to certain detailed statistics have fetched them more than they ever wished to get daily as their ROI (Return on investment).

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To certain entertainment areas or blogs, they have received quite the good number of exposure and they di serve direct Ad in their websites as a result of a significant amount of exposure through

With these detailed explanations, I believe you can now know what the website can do for your business online?

Lets now dive into how you can use the awesome platform to fetch yourself a good number of search engine visitors daily in your website without even paying a dime.

And hey, using this method, you do not need to be an SEO guru to bring yourself good traffic from search engines.

  • Make a very vast and well-structured keyword research on what to write

Keyword research is the key to find out what your blog readers are interested in and what they need you to write on for the moment.

With the right keyword research tool, I do recommend Google keyword planner and SEMrush (Though paid) as they do drive the best results when compared with other keyword research tools as Uber Suggest, AHREF etc.

When you find out the keyword or better still the topic to write on, you can move on to the next step below.

  • Write a very good and compelling article

Make sure you have the right article topic and an irresistible snippet that will be mouthwatering to be clicked.

Of course, no one will read a bad article or a non-interesting one and as such, you are required to write yourself a very good and compelling article that will trigger the minds of the reader to give your content better attention and also drive you better readership.

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The good thing here is; 

You can equally not need the ranking of the article on first page to drive good visitors to your website through a search engine like, and a host of several others as what you need only is for the article you wrote to be well structured and written on the platform.

  • Tag your article to the right category and write in full on

This is one of the mistakes bloggers do make while publishing on as they may tag their articles wrongly and this has two negative effects to the writers on the forum;

  1. Your written article will not rank on the platform as just for the readership they can fetch you
  2. Your article will not be recognized by search engines on the platform when you search them over the net

The reason for the above stated is simple, search engines use specified algorithms to make their rankings and these algorithms include tags and categories and as such you will be loosing out on good search traffic if you tagged your article wrongly.

  • Write your article in full and insert your link in the end

Now you should write your contents in full and when I say in full I mean every bit of what you have to offer in your website as search engines do rank articles with higher words than those with lower words.

If you adopted the practices of writing and at some point, you insert a link and say read more, then you are not ready to drive good search engine visitors from platform.

Truth is;

You will not come out on search result let alone having visitors clicking through.

The goal is to achieve a long-term readership and not to drive some temporary visitors.

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In this view, how you insert your link at the end of each post is quite a good determinant of how much clicks you will receive on the link.

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Let us proceed to talk about link insertion.

  • Insert your link in the written post smartly and perfectly using the right paraphrase

Some phrases do invite people to click and some do not.

So, in this context, we invite you to use some paraphrases as;

  1. Read more of this article kind here (Insert your link)
  2. You can find more here (Insert your link)
  3. Want to see more stuff like this? (Insert your link)
  4. Learn more (Insert your link)
  5. You never knew it all. Just click here (Insert your link)
  6. Do you need more exposure? (Insert your link)

Yeah, the above written do work like magic and besides, you shall only be using this method if you’re writing an educational article and not some piece of trash.

Anything else you should know?

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  • Make your landing page the same article link or your home page

Several bloggers do have their specified reasons for things they do and as a result, we will not limit you to making our own choice here and this is strictly based on your own mindset and what you needed to achieve with this.

  • You can either choose to increase the readership in the same article you published


  • You can choose to bring the visitors to your home page to make their choice of write-up to read

Better still…

  • You can take them to any landing page on your website as you do see fit

Now we can wrap up

Using this stated strategy of ours, you will be making a good traffic coming to your website without working or further stress or even spending a dime to get them through.

Hey! We can help you get your content to Nairaland first page for a full day at a cheap rate. DM us from this number  @ I am Fancysocialmediaguru

Besides, no one will love to spend a fortune just to get his website to receive visitors so we work really hard to get you the methods that will drive you more visitors and increase your sales and conversions.

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