Whogohost WordPress Hosting Downtime Just Got Worse. Here is What Happened to Me

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Just as the heading of this article might seem, I do not know what else to believe with regards to Whogohost web hosting company as their WordPress hosting service wasn’t something I can recommend for anyone who wished to create a professional website.

Formerly, we wrote a review here on Whogohost web hosting services upgraded and updated but we suppose everything was just fine as at the time we wrote it because everything just went right back wrong as it is only to become worse currently.

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Let me be clear here;

The basic idea behind a website is having people visit your website and probably make you some money through any monetization means you must have adopted maybe Google Adsense, Media.net or simply affiliate marketing.

So speaking, every website requires visitors and not just that but real human visitors.

We had a very bad experience with whogohost and this wasn’t our company website but a client’s website that we tried moving from the original host to a new host as it seemed the web traffic capacity has grown above the former host.

The assistance of our company website webmaster Dopitech Admin was soughed so as to make sure we didn’t make any mistakes while moving this high traffic website from the original host to another host.


We looked through the web hosting companies in Nigeria and due to the reviews that people shared, we decided to give whogohost a trial first before making other choices as it seemed to be the web hosting company in Nigeria with the best recommendation from webmasters and bloggers.

We always said here @Blogincomes.com.ng, you should share only what you know and have tried in your website so as to save people the stress of making silly mistakes just as did I as a result of wrong reviews people shared praising the No 1 Nigerian web hosting company (Whogohost).

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So we made the mistake and as such, we are sharing this review to make sure you didn’t make such mistakes we made.

We decided to but the 25GB Deluxe Web space hosting plan and sure we did buy it and moved the website (Luckynewsinfo.com) to the hosting but before that, something happened.

We decided to buy a month plan on the platform so to evaluate the service they do render on the hosting plan and how satisfying it could be as we read on several websites stating how the said plan we bought can be good for websites with over 10k visitors daily but we merely received less than 4K visitors on the website we moved (Luckynewsinfo.com).

Thank goodness we did this alongside Dopitech Admin and his kind and professional advice gave us a head start.


After doing the necessary and changing the name servers, the website (Luckynewsinfo.com) was already up and running for three days or less.

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Before we could say JACK ROBINSON, another report came in from the website (Luckynewsinfo.com) owner LUCKY and he complained of serious offline and online issues associated with the website and its loading time both on the website URL and the WordPress Admin panel URL.

At first, we attributed this issue to the Cloud fare we used to make sure the website loads on https protocol and of course, the whogohost team also affirmed to this unprofessional claim we made, so we removed the cloud fare as they instructed and the same thing kept on happening.

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So, we thought if this could be the issue of the web hosting service not being strong enough to carry a website of less than 10K daily visitors so we opened a support ticket with them and requested an immediate action on the problem we are experiencing on the website (Luckynewsinfo.com) and they quite responded fast and promised they are on it.

We waited for over three days and we couldn’t wait longer so we took to making a phone call with them to know what was really wrong and we were told to exercise patience that everything is under control.

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A few days later, precisely four days, we received an email from one of the whogohost staffs trying to explain that they are having some technical issues and we still waited for them for a resolve.

So the next day, the same contact sent us another email and said they were sorry about the downtime we experienced as that was as a result of some faults with their canary server and they promise to make sure it doesn’t occur in the future anymore.

Just then we thought it was really over, but we were hell wrong it wasn’t over yet.

We kept on experiencing several issues with the website till the next week was over before we could say we have a website with zero issues (According to our presumptions).

This single issue we experienced decreased the website visitors drastically as several people who visited the website saw a maintenance error message on their screens and they never bothered to check back.

Currently, we are trying to build and bring our lost web visitors back and we could include a promotion in it.

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So I thought to myself…

How would I have taken this mess if I just went ahead to make a purchase of the host for a year duration or maybe two years?

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It could have been a complete waste of money as I wouldn’t be using it for anything unless I need to host a personal blog for just family and friends.

It’s Funny, right? But true though.

Be it as it may with whogohost web hosting service for shared hosting, it can only be used for websites with 2k daily visitors and below.

If you tried using it on a high traffic website, you will experience a big malfunction in your website in terms if server downtime.

This can still be corrected if the whogohost web hosting company can look into this stated issue and address it as supposed by increasing the quality of their services as it wouldn’t be a very nice issue if they didn’t as they will lose potential customers once their website traffic starts increasing.

  • So what was my verdict after this ordeal?

It is far better you spend much money and get what you need than spending some penny without getting anything out of the investment you just made.

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If I was asked to say, I would let you choose from any of these web hosting companies below to host your website

  • Namecheap host
  • Bluehost web hosting company
  • Siteground web hosting company
  • Fatcow web hosting company
  • Hostgator web hosting company
  • And a host of other foreign web hosting company

The quality they say is really better than quantity.

  • A little wrap-up

Everything about Nigerian will equally look like the Nigerian itself. I did regret buying the host from whogohost web hosting company and we will move the said website to any of the above-mentioned hosts once the whogohost hosting expires.

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