Topbuzz Earning Trick; Make Money on Topbuzz

Topbuzz earning trick; How to make money on Topbuzz

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Note: Before saying you can or want to earn money on topbuzz, make sure you’re doing these three things we are about to talk about here.

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With topbuzz taking over most youtube publishers, you have every reason to switch the method you monetize your content with using our Topbuzz Earning Trick.

Believe it or not, topbuzz is really getting to the top.

As it was with our last review on this website where we wrote extensively on the review of topbuzz, we have came back with another article still on the same subject of matter to talk about the earning hacks on topbuzz.

Recently I published my monthly earnings report on Facebook and I had several questions coming into my inbox as well as the comment section of which the main subject is how do I earn from topbuzz and the Topbuzz Earning Trick for earning fast.

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This is really a big deal for me to take in but I have to explain every bit of what people do online to make sure they earn good amount from topbuzz daily.

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Since you’re here for the obvious, I suggest we get going;

Here are the Topbuzz Earning Trick to make more money online with topbuzz…

  • Topbuzz Posting Guide For Earning better Online

I know you must be wondering how several people do contribute to topbuzz and make it there in terms of making money from the platform.

Well if it might interest you to know this;

Good topbuzz contributors have a single orientation that moves them to the top which is very very simple to do.

In this post we shall look deep into why and how topbuzz participants do make huge money online.

Recall that here, we do not ask you to pay to learn anything as we do leave off everything we have exclusively for our viewers to see and earn from it.

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These 3 Guides Are What Topbuzz Huge Earners Do Online

  • Find trending videos to upload

Since we know that topbuzz supports basically three methods of publishing, we are focusing this on the video upload part.

We all know that every time of the day, there are trending videos that you can publish and earn money online as this will fetch you better income and equally traffic.

You can get trending videos from youtube, tumblr and reddit.

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These trending videos will get you visitors from tier A countries and equally bring you conversations.

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I recalled a day my video got 2390 views on topbuzz on a soccer video I uploaded.

Uploading such videos can fetch you above $5 daily if you do it the right way.

Having said this, we deemed it fit to give you the detailed guide on the kind of  videos to upload for your topbuzz video earnings:

  • Educational video
  • Celebrity shows
  • Funny video skits
  • emotional videos
  • Love videos
  • Fitness videos (tutorials)
  • Health and sickness solution related videos

Find engaging contents to write about

This would cover the article writing section of topbuzz as this is concerned with;

  • What kind of articles to write
  • Level of articles to write
  • Equally the quality of contents to write.

While writing articles in topbuzz, make sure you consider writing articles which are related to stuffs like;

  • Health
  • How to make money online
  • Love stories
  • Motivational speeches
  • Best fruits and foods to loose weight
  • Loose weight today
  • Emotional speeches

Find captivating GIFs to upload

As this covers the part where GIFs are uploaded in topbuzz platform to earn money, you can find good GIFs to bring better user conversion and interaction from users.

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The audience tends to react to captivating GIFs not dull ones.

  • Added tip

It isn’t mandatory to do this but we advise you to write short but captivating headings for your posts, videos and GIFs files so as to bring in your visitors mind into what you’re trying to communicate to your visitors.

  • Wrap up

Topbuzz is one of the fastest growing platforms for publishers currently and it serves better than youtube as it doesn’t require any advertisment to generate income as youtube does.

It is equally a place for people who wished to publish their passion but cannot afford a website.

This platform have helped many people generate good revenue and make a living considering the fact that they do not virtually have a website of their own.

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If this article helped you with your quest in making money on topbuzz leave us a comment below.

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