Topbuzz Android App; A Breech In Participation For Android Users

Topbuzz Android App.

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I was once advised by a friend to quit my Windows OS I was using and go for the android OS as it has everything an online influencer could ever need.

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I guess this wasn’t too right a claim to be made.

Recently I looked at my topbuzz dashboard and I realized a new notification speaking of the breech in topbuzz app for android users.

This will take effect in 25th May 2018.

I suggest my friend was wrong afterall by suggesting I quit my Windows OS.

The new topbuzz users are seriously urged to switch over to laptop or PC topbuzz platform as this is supported by Windows OS.

I suppose that this new topbuzz rule will affect thousands of publishers out there as more than 80% of topbuzz users in Nigeria and worldwide usually use topbuzz app in their android devices.

Here are certain things you miss using topbuzz app for Android devices

  • Full background details
  • A comfortable dashboard
  • You miss seeing every details of your topbuzz account
  • You equally have a poor user experience
  • You might find it difficult to change password using the android app topbuzz
  • Lastly while writing articles, uploading videos and uploading GIFs you might make silly mistakes as a result of incomplete dashboard.

With all these listed above, we suggest it is a nice idea and conclusion that is met here as the topbuzz creators made this rule.

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  • Wrap up

If you happened to operate topbuzz via personal PC, you’ll have a wonderful user experience and this will make you never wish to go back to the topbuzz app for android devices.

Notwithstanding it is a difficult thing to take in by several publishers who do not have access to PC, it is highly advised you get one as this will be highly helpful to you and the topbuzz community at large.

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