Drive 250 Pure Human USA, UK and Canada Visitors to your website for as low as $1

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Are you experiencing a drop in traffic, or probably not seeing enough visitors to your website most times?

Not to worry, you are not alone.

I have worked really hard to make sure I get good number of visitors to my website and probably amass a good income from Ad networks and also affiliates but I never stopped at that.

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Not quite far from now, I published a blog post here about what country traffic gets account banned and I received a lot of criticisms about it but nonetheless, these critics later found I was actually saying the truth.

I felt awkward when a good number of them came asking for the way out.

Believe me, nothing hurts more than waking up to your wordpress dashboard and seeing 3 or 5 visitors in your website at almost 9 am in the morning.

I have been there trust me, and I know what it feels like.

A few months back, I started working on a system which I left undisclosed for the meantime not until I perfected my search and decided to publicize it.

I started working on a new paid traffic source I can use to drive traffic to my website so as to increase my affiliate sales and also my display AD ( revenue as I did know only USA, UK and Canada traffic are being recognized by the display AD network to be valid and useful to their advertisers.

Now, you and I know that the only way to get such traffic was through;

  • Facebook Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Linkedln Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Push notification Ads (Froggyads, Pushengage and others; Best traffic for affiliates)
  • Display Ads (Google Adsense)
  • Search Ads (Google Ads; formerly known as Adword)
  • Ads
  • Revcontent Ads
  • Outbrain Ads (Which doesn’t approve Nigerians)
  • Taboola feed Ads (Approves Nigerian advertisers)
  • Mgid Ads (With too many bot traffic)
  • Popunder Ads (With tons of bot traffic)

And a host of several others.

These above listed traffic sources are very awesome but they are equally very expensive so to say.

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Be it as it may, I experimented with most of these traffic sources among which are;

  • Facebook Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

I did not get any good result and I threw away money.

But by the way, I learned; didn’t I?

I did not know where the mistake was but for every $10 spent, I was not able to generate up to 20 visitors to my website and this is the same when it is attributed to the other traffic sources listed above.

Believe me I was down-casted.

I began to ask if there was never any good and cheap web traffic sources out there I could use for my website because search engine traffic is really becoming a mess as it wasn’t steady.

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Of course, no SEO guru will ever say their search traffic continued coming in larger number daily.

This is because, when people found what they are looking for in your website, they will stop coming and also, an SEO content is said to be evergreen, but people will not look for the same thing everyday.

  • My pure 250 human web traffic for $1 deal

If you had known me well, you will know I am good at finding out things.

So I started using the cheap traffic I bought from an undisclosed source and for a day I did not even think this traffic was doing anything huge for my website but not until something happened.

A weeks after buying this traffic , I took a look at my Google analytics and the result was breathtaking.

I have always known my traffic to have high bounce rate even when I bought them from facebook because I didn’t have a marketing or sales landing page but a blog post.

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I experienced this upside to my website in five different places which are;

Note: the below sections of my website comes with the proof of the claim so I wouldn’t be making you buy what you did not see or actually know about.

  • Alexa rank improvement

My Alexa moved from 2,390,890 to 1,890,000 just in a few weeks.

Now I know the kind of job you have got to put up before you can start seeing a significant improvement in your Alexa ranking in just that short space of time.

Alexa improvement simply implies the popularity of your website and now I know that if these weren’t human visitors, I wouldn’t be having a good turn up when it comes to my website popularity and bots do not constitute Alexa improvement.

Quote me anywhere.

While using this said traffic, I noticed that my website visitors increased by 3 and also did my Alexa ranking and also I rank below 600,000 in the USA currently of which I didn’t see where I ranked in the USA or Nigeria before I started using the traffic.

See proof below;

Credit: Blogincomes Camera
  • More SEO visibility

My website organic traffic increased by 2-3 times when I started using the traffic and this is as a result of increased PA and DA while I had a good and high quality traffic coming into my website.

Sometimes they do say social media signals is quite good for increasing SEO visibility and traffic but I bet the signals and links from this traffic source out performs the social medias.

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  • Increase in DA and PA

I have had an increase in my DA and PA which is brought about by this web traffic source.

The more people visited a particular page in your website, the more cognizance search engines take about the said page and the more they do index it which is the benefit of your page and domain.

This in line brings about increase in your DA and PA just as seen below;

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Credit: Blogincomes Camera
Credit: Blogincomes Camera
Credit: Blogincomes Camera

The two screenshots were taken from two different analytic checkers to ensure nothing was wrong with a particular tool and the result proved rather convincing.

  • Increase in affiliate earnings and sales

If you have been a good fan of CPA marketing, you will be fully aware that making sales in CPA programs is much more difficult when compared to getting a single click on your display AD.

I have been able to make over 5 sales on the hostblast affiliate I promoted and also 4 free Optn ins in my blogexpose affiliate.

These are the only two affiliates I do run on my website and they started doing well just as soon as I started using this traffic.

To my hostblast affiliate, I have generated over 600 clicks and up to 6 signups and this is the way CPA programs normally is as they not easy to get people to buy fro you.

Now tell me, does bot traffic make purchases and optn ins in a website?

Here is the screenshot proof belw;

HostBlast screenshot
Blogexpose Opt Ins
  • Increase in display Ads earnings (

Well, approximately $20 in five days is not a very big result but it was something to write home about after all when you pay $1 to drive 250 visitors to your website.

Not just visitor but high quality USA, UK and Canada visitors to your website.

I was able to make approximately $20 in five days of implementing Ad network in my website following the web traffic usage.

This should sum it up as $100 in a month which isn’t too bad for an AD network that doesn’t pay most Nigerian bloggers well because the do not have premium traffic.

See screenshot below;

Credit: Blogincomes Camera
  • Decreased bounce rate

I also had a very good improvement in my website bounce rate while using this traffic as my visitors do tend to stay longer on my website recently when I started using this traffic source.

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This is what I can say is the first step of getting to create a good and paying website.

the more time visitors spend on your website, the more likely they are to buy something from you or click on ads and make you some extra income.

See below;

  • Increase in time spent on site

Of course if there was an improvement in your bounce rate, sure there will be same increase in the time spent of your website so to speak.

Average time spent on my website increased to above 1:30 secs which is a great result when compared to when I used facebook traffic and my average time spent on site was about 0:50 secs as the visitors do bounce off easily.

  • Overall site performance was increased

My overall website performance and speed was increased and improved as such, my website was never the same as it was some months ago before I started using this traffic source.

Now, here is what I need you to know before ordering this traffic if you needed to increase the visibility of your website…

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Note: All the above was specific to my website and as a result, I will serve myself some disclaimer here before I proceeded.

  • This traffic source works 100% for Ads monetization and other display Ads monetization (Basically CPM based Ads networks and not CPC)
  • I will vouch for compatibility and being safe with Google Adsense
  • I will vouch for Google Adsense earnings by CPM as clicks is naturally induced
  • I cannot guarantee clicks to your Ads if you are using Google Adsense to monetize
  • I cannot guarantee affiliate sales as the visitors buy what they please (Find your niche visitors)
  • I will guarantee increase in overall performance and DA with the PA of your website
  • I will guarantee an increase and a tremendous improvement in Alexa ranking
  • Finally, I will guarantee an overall increase in website earnings from display Ads and affiliates

These are the claims I make and the disclaimers I do serve myself before you can make any purchase.

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  • Now you might be asking how to get started with this traffic

Well, its quite easy and simple.

You will not be needing a credit card to do so but instead, you will need only your email address or your phone number.

  • Now, I do charge a flat rate of #5,000 (Service fee) to get started with this traffic but please note;
  • This payment is not the cost of the traffic as after making the payment, you will choose which of the plans you want to go for and pay for it.
  • Each 250 visitors from USA, UK and Canada, you will pay $1.
  • You can schedule how long you want this traffic to run and I will only advertise your website for that long.
  • I do not advertise homepage links but lading page links and also affiliate links
  • The #5,000 is supposedly an indulgent payment (For my services) so you will be registered for the traffic
  • Finally, I do not teach or explain where the traffic is coming from but be rest assured that your earnings and visitors are guaranteed
  • You can use every or any analytics software to track my traffic and it will be proven to be pure human from every reasonable doubt
  • Please if you do feel like you should know the traffic source ad get taught how to do it yourself (DIY) then contact me through my email @[email protected]

Let me wrap up

Really I took a lot of time to find this out and I knew the work I put in to do so.

Everyone needs traffic and so do I but guess what?

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

Business is better and more profitable when you have traffic to your website so I suggest you take this opportunity above to build a good business and make more prying eyes see your business and get acquainted with it.

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