NNU Triva; Does NNU Really Need to Get Back Their Lost Audience?

NNU triva; what is the intent?

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Now I know you as an NNU user who only commented on the platform and also read news, by now you will have some outstanding payments in your NARS earnings that you just found out that you cannot withdraw to your bank account simply because you are asked to bring another participant to get paid (Not just one but two).

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Things went wrong by the way and you left your money there hopelessly I know, but that is about to change.

Ever heard of the NNU Triva recently?

If you have, then I bet that would be your Saviour as you read this.

You know for a fact, I love NNU income program and what they aimed to do with their participants when it all started but that notwithstanding, it was taken down by the mindset behind this program which was made unknown to many of the users when it came into existence.

People read news here, comment on the posts in the platform and also surf news to get paid and it was all going fine but not when people start demanding to withdraw their money which they made through;

  • Commenting
  • Reading news
  • Surfing the website feed

The fact that NNU lost many of their participants when things went awry and also their money were stuck in the same system at the same time, they had no option than to leave their hard earned income there in their NARS accounts.

But I think this is about to change now.

The NNU income program network developed the NNU Triva just a few days back from today. The NNU Triva was introduced on the 2019-05-04 11:51:16am.

This program is as they say going to clear the air with the NARS account holders and the owners of NNU so they can withdraw their earnings on the platform that was based on activities they took such as commenting and many others.

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Recall that NNU income program earnings can only be withdrawn when you refer people not minding if you made #40,000 reading news, commenting and surfing the platform, it is a SINE QUA NON (What you cannot just do without) to refer people.

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This is what NNU admins did not do well to tell their participants when the madness all started.

But I guess the NNU participants learned the hard way.

Let me quote the NNU Triva when they said this;

NNU Trivia is quiz system in which members can use their NARS earnings to play and get conversion in their wallet for cash out.

Quiz will be running for 24 hours daily in order to enable every member to participate and the winners would be announced and rewarded the next day.

Some members will be selected as winners, based on the condition of being the first set of persons to score 60% which is 60 marks out of 100 total marks within a very short period of time.

The quiz can be played 5 times with 5000 NARS points each.

We are starting with 5k NARS point to earn N5,000 into your wallet and cash out the following day. Subsequently, we shall make it bumper and member can win up to 50k to 100s of thousands naira to even a million naira cash reward playing NNU Trivia.

While we prepare more great features which members can use their NARS points for, let’s rock NNU trivia and cash out as much as we want.

Writeup Source: NNU Triva.

I did not know anything else but what I do know for sure is the fact that the NNU income program owners do want people to gain their money back but through a way that you will not be sure if you are going to win or loose.

I do understand that this is a way to break things even with the NNU income program owners and also how to build the lost legion but it is a funny thing that the same post on NNU Triva on the NNU income program platform did not receive any comments and traction as did their former posts dated back to six months ago.

Understand it when I say that he system of NNU income program is dead even with the introduction of the NNU Triva or not so as we do understand this, let us look at what the odds are when it comes to the NNU Triva as it pertains to taking quiz online and also trying to get your money back when you knew you already lost it.

Given the fact that people are not leveraging their comments on this in NNU blog, I will love to point out what I actually think of this so called NNU Triva.

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But before then, my best guess why this started was the fact that the same owner of NNU income program actually went ahead to open up another income program called the HIWAP income program. Since the inception of this platform (HIWAP income program), people have been keeping to doubt if it would not turn out to become like the NNU income program and stop paying its participants at some point.

So, here is my doubts about the NNU Triva and why you should doubt it too…

  • Do they really mean to pay you the money when you pass the test (Quiz)
  • How sure can you be that they do not have another hidden agenda just like they did on NNU income program
  • Do you know the nature of questions they are going to ask you?
  • These questions may be designed in such a way that you will eventually fail them
  • By plainly failing these questions, you will comfortably accept your loss
  • You might feel cut out in complaining about your lost revenue with NNU income program

And I am damn sure this NNU Triva was not brought to book for any good reason.

So why waste your own time doing what doesn’t work?

But before I round up on this…

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  • Now I can wrap up

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