Jackobian Forum:They Are Big Scam. A testimony of A Customer Who Got Scammed. (Admin @Techplan.com.ng)

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Jackobian Group is a scam a real big time scam please readers take note.

Advertising on high traffic Nigerian forums like Nairaland is a very good way of sourcing web traffic for conversions, sales and awareness creation. But I have a very bad story to share concerning our using another Nigerian forum to seek web traffic but they failed me real bad.

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I am writing this review to share to every user of the web the bad side of the nonpopular nigerian forum jackobian.com which used scamming to enrich themselves and make their money but to the detriment of the web owners seeking the traffic and advertising on their website.

My detailed negative review of jackobian.com

Jackobian.com is a great scam please take note readers. Let me continue exposing my ordeal with them.

Five days back I contacted prezzy the admin @jackobian.com one of the popular Nigerian forums and I requested to run adverts in his website and so to say I received an e-mail from him concerning their ad rates and prices for specific duration of ads going live on their forums. Initially he said #1,000 daily with an assurance of 1,000 visitors daily and I was happy that my traffic issue is as good as gone.

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But I was as wrong as hell.

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Later I called him for his account details so we can start off on a fast lane and he changed the story that since I will run the traffic for a little while of 3days he will make the bidding #5,000 and I hadn’t any problem with that since I will receive my desired traffic.

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Upon paying him, I started expecting the web traffic like in the morning because I sent him the money in the evening say around 7pm.

To my utter dismay I woke up the next morning and checked my web traffic statistics and it was very flat and I was shocked. I received only a single visit. From their forum and that was on a thread I shared and not on my ads.

NB: he requested a text ads I mean a caption and not a banner for the ads.

I called him and explained the situation and even sent him the screenshot of my traffic and he said he will fix it.

“I wonder what he was going to fix there but anyways I calmed down”

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Two days pasy and I didn’t see anything coming from him. I was forced to call severally he wasn’t picking up anymore, I tried chatting him and the result was all the same. He ignores my chat on whatsapp and never replies to them anymore.

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Please guys, is there anyway else to perform scam action on a buyer?

I repeat, jackobian.com forum is a big time scam.

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  • Wrap up

I just wonder why website owners and Nigerian entrepreneurs cannot deliver to what they promised their patronizers including some certain big websites like the jackobian forum. If you wish not to heed this testimony, then you can try them out and see the result yourself.


  1. Furious Forum says

    jacobian is really a mess

  2. Kenneth Nnoli says

    If i am to ask please brother what did they do to you that made you say so that they are really a mess?

    All the same, Thanks for the review brother as we have all seen that whatever we write here is the truth and out of our experience with them.

    Thanks for dropping by we hope to serve you better in time.

    Thanks once again

  3. chukwuemeka says

    Are you really okay @Kenneth Nnoli???? That you paid for an ad to jackobian or any other website and you did not see traffic from there, that does not mean the site owner scammed you. Its probably the people that visited the site at the moment you made the ad did not find interest in your advert and as such you will not expert me to go click on an ad i dont have interest on.

    So, Kenneth, what do you expect prezzy the owner of the site to do? he should go use his hand click on the ad or what?

    If you where in his shoes, what will you do. Will you go force your forum members to go click on the ad. Is it not when someone finds interest in an ad that the person will click on it???

    You said you are a passionate blogger, but you could not exercise patience for the ad to run for even one week and you just concluded in two days. Thats not how passionate bloggers do. As a passionate blogger, you must have patience. You are afraid of putting in your money. Lolzzz Nigerian man. You want traffic. Is either you pay for the traffic or you stay online and drive the traffic to your site yourself.

    1. Kenneth Nnoli says

      I know several people will require me to delete this comment so it wouldn’t spoil anything for me but no.

      I will reply to it with every truth.

      As a matter of fact, I do accept and appreciate comments on my website.

      With due respect, this isn’t as a result of my experience but as a result of someone else’s experience that’s number one thing to note here.

      Secondly, if you started offering direct ads from your website, you must make sure what you offer is quite what you’re sure about.

      According to Preezy the owner @jackobian, the ads will generate 10,000 clicks daily and the advertiser paid for four days.

      During this period, he couldn’t generate even a thousand visits to his website in four days from the link considering the catchy text was modified to suite the audience of which preezy gave a hand in accomplishing it.

      I didn’t want to make it look foolish but his actions and what he claimed didn’t work. Even if he had sent him bot traffic it would have been better than nothing at all.

      I might be stupid for writing this review but I bet you wouldnt want to make the same mistake a friend of mine made.

      If you work with preezy tell him to increase his game or better stop offering direct ads until he can determine the behavior of his audience.

      Last I recalled, Jackobian is a group like nairaland and he souldnt promise advertisers cicks but impressions. (that’s an advice).

      I once advertised with Nairaland and the impressions I was promised came to be perfectly true as it was promised to me through analytics and it was crystal clear.

      Tell Preezy to learn how to serve his clients better than laying blames on complaints.

      He should better improve than sending you to tell me this via this comment.

  4. Blograbbit says

    That is no problem as this has been a long time we wrote this review

    We only meant to say that they didnt deliver what they promised and that was it nothing else.

    Thanks for dropping by, we rally appreciate your visit.

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