Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student; invest #10-#50k now

Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student; 9 Ways to invest #10-#50k triple it in four months using legit, tried & tested ways.

Disclosure: We independently research and write reviews on make money online programs in Nigeria and we try to avoid leading people into scam. Please contact with proof if any program starts a scam related activity so we can report them and save more people from harm.

We have read many ways to make money online for students and all these are saying almost the same thing one way or another.

You see the start a blog, Write on Fiverr, upwork and peopleperhour, some will say start graphic design and all sorts of things without actually looking into the cost of these things and also the competition you may have to face.

We will explore new ideas here in this listicle and make sure you get the best idea and insight into the best way to invest a smaller amount of money to start making income.

How about I told you I started my first business online with less than #100,000? That could sound like a myth right?

But that’s absolutely true.

Do not get me wrongly this was dated back in 2015 and I am sure the same will apply for now irrespective of the changes in the environment and also the effects of the covid-19 that is currently taking the whole economy upside down.

As a student, it might seem almost impossible to startup a business and earn while a student but I can as well prove these assumptions wrong with this long listicle I may say.

I was able to pull off some income while a student and I trust you can do just that too or even better.

In other news, if you are not longer a student that is, if you just graduated or done with your NYSC program, I suppose this listing could set you on the right path to get started.

Like it or not, you could get pretty confused when you just rushed out from school be it from NYSC or just freshly graduated.

We are no foreign website and as such we will love to explore these opportunities using the Nigeria point of view.

But you must also understand that shyness isn’t going to be a player here as I believe it will do you no good in this context.

Most of the business ideas we are about to discuss here is going to make you feel quite uncomfortable doing them as a result of shyness but keep that aside and forge ahead trust me you will not regret it.


Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student; invest #10-#50k now triple it in four months.

Note: This article will be a very long one and as such, it will cover both the sides students will earn from while schooling and also it will explore the sides to what the already graduated students could do to earn.

Let’s get started with…

Startup a corn farm

With the season we are in now, I do stand by the roadside to buy corn each time I am closed from work, and quite frankly they sell these corn for a higher price now than before.

Just a little stick like that could be #100 and I was beginning to wonder how much did this seller actually buy these corn in the market to call for such a high price?

Judging from a seller just beside where I work. She sells for #100 and the corn are healthy.

It may sound very much like the worst thing you have ever heard but truth is that you can startup a corn farm and make money with growing corn.

With my findings done well, if you have a piece of land maybe in your village for those of us staying in a semi rural area, say my current location now Ekwuluobia, you can start up a maize farm in your own family land.

This is not too much of a big deal to go by and the cost will be so etching not up-to #50,000 if you plan it in a semi large scale.

Here is the thing…

If you are a lady then this will be a two way source of income for you.


You grew a corn farm with an investment of about #35,000 with the maintenance and of course pest control in a minute and local way, which it may be smaller, and in about three months you started making your harvest.

While taking the necessary precautions you could end up growing quality corn and a very healthy one at that.

If you harvested about 500 corn from the field and all are very healthy, you now have two main ways to earn.

It is either you sell it to retailers at the cost of maybe #70-#80 per corn, and this could be making you up-to #35,000 to 40,000 in the first quarter while others are still growing in the farm.

Isn’t this a good business?

Now recall I spoke about shyness in the beginning and this is where it comes in.

If you’re not shy enough to just sell it to retailers, you can decide to roast these corn in the roadside and and make double of your income previously.

Now here is how…

For every good and healthy corn you see on the grail in the roadside, you must budget #100 as the buyer and this is the Goldmine.

So to say one of your corn should cost #100 and you have up-to 500 of them to sell, this is an easy way of making #50,000 while your other batch of corn is still doing well in the corn field growing.

But most ladies will rather not sell by themselves and only resell to people who sell and this is where business goes sour.

Here is a story of a Nairalander whose corn farm started doing well.

Read here.

Note that this is not for students but for graduates and also ex corpers who couldn’t find a job.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Startup yam, potato and plantain frying business

This is a black market business as long as it gets but there is a good catch here.

This business will not cost you anything close to #20,000 but it is very very lucrative.

And here is how I stumbled upon this business idea.

While I was making preparations for my NYSC I lived in my junior brothers Lodge and there was a very beautiful lady who did something to my utter amazement.

This fair chubby girl always made very good use of her evening frying yam, plantain and potato and sell to the students who live in the same Lodge and road users.

Funny thing is, she never fries enough to satisfy people and I became her number one customer.

Sometime by the weekend she starts selling around 3pm till night and still it wasn’t enough for the customers.

So on a good day I walked up to her and we got talking and at a point I asked her what her business costed her to startup, and her response just wowed me.

She said she wasn’t sure she spent up-to #10,000 to startup her business owing to fact that she has a gas cooker, and vegetable oil, she needed only to buy a frying pan, other ingredients, two tubers of yam, #1,000 potato and #1,000 plantain.

And she was good to start. I also asked how much she makes daily and she smiled.

While every of the raw materials she use to get started daily is not up-to #2,000, she makes at least #4,000 selling all daily and she also affirmed that she makes even twice on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays because of the early schedule.

Can someone like this not take care of her own bills in school as a student and avoid unnecessary drama from men?

I am sure her parents will be proud.

This is another business idea students, basically female students should look into whilst they keep shyness aside to pursue their dreams and career right from school.

This doesn’t mean you will have to end up here but still, you can start from here and raise capital for other businesses.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Start making Okpa and sell

I would love to say this is a business for females and right for students but I wonder why I see many guys in the same business these days and I just smile when I do see them.

I never said you should hawk Okpa in school and maybe tag yourself the Okpa seller, but there is always a decent way to present every business you do no matter how shameful it may look.

Here is how this works…

Every 90 out of 100 students in Nigerian higher institution find it very difficult to cook early in the morning and this will be your focus point.

These are basically men and now I am afraid many ladies are just right about joining the queue.

Now, can we capitalize on this?

If you as a lady and a good cook I suppose have up-to #10,000 in your bank account and you’re not doing anything with it, maybe your big uncle just gave you some pocket money, try using it for this business.

You can invest #5,000 in buying the materials needed for the Okpa which includes grounded cowpea and also red oil while not leaving behind uziza (Igbos know this).

Keep the other #5,000 for promotional reasons and other expenses like gas refill.

Now, every Lodge in a school environment has above 10 students and around you, there must be lodges of beyond 100 students and this is where your steep sense of reasoning will come in.

Cook the first batch of Okpa say up-to 30-40 pieces and be sure you will not get a dime selling them.

But this time do not sell the Okpa.

Put it in a large neat tray with a neatly washed knife and then start your journey.

Walk around your Lodge and your neighboring lodges and let everyone have a taste of what you have to offer.

If you’re a student in federal polytechnic Oko and you live in Green Lodge perm site or Twin tower Lodge Amaokpala or Kojo park Amaokpala or maybe St Emilia Amaokpala, then you’re in luck.

These lodges have over 100 students in them and imagine how much you can make when 100 students buy Okpa of different amount from you daily, weekends inclusive.

Now there will be a little bit of work from your own end…

You will need to wake up as early as it may be to be able to make Okpa and let it be ready for consumption before it is 6:00am because this is when your lucky catch will come.

Please a note: do not make too much in the first day, start with small and increase with increasing demand.

Be sure to understand that it has finished please be patient tomorrow if far better than having too many left overs.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Become a painter

Now I didn’t say you will become a professional painter but here is the catch.

Every new student that just walked into the fore walls of the university needs a place to keep their head and this is where getting an apartment sets in.

Thanks to landlords that do not paint their houses and also students who destroys a rooms painting before they park out.

Even when the rooms are perfectly painted, most people will require an additional design in the painting to suite them.

This is your goldmine.

Be on a lookout, use posters and most part of the school where it can easily be seen, talk to friends and course mates to refer you clients and get a cut.

Building of up-to 500 posters will not cost you upto #5,000 then get a roller and a brush and also a stick to handle heights and then get started.

Every guy has the instinct to paint but although not professionally but we can always churn out something that we can be paid for.

Give a fair price and deliver a matching painting, people will then contact you from your previous jobs for other people.

A friend of mine Beckdozzy is a professional painter too. Below are his works and social media links.

Connect on Instagram here.

Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student. Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student. Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student. Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student. Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student. Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student. This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Start giving out project topics, seminar topics and materials

Justice Winner of Schoolinnaija is a professional in this.

Can I say that this is the simplest part of final years in schools but it is only the smart and intelligent ones that can grab these opportunities.

Trust me there isn’t anything you’re looking for that isn’t on the internet but the problem is that we fail to find it.

The full and dumb minds in school will think that these things are hard and will start seeking help from their mates or people who are higher in academics and they are always ready to pay any mentioned amount.

While I was in my ND in federal polytechnic Oko, I made a good figure getting people project topics and materials.

Fun part is that these are my students in the same level and also same school.

While I became too good at it, people from other departments started coming and the price started to increase but they kept coming in.

I was like, well this is it.

I would say I am among those who are intellectually inclined although Nigeria has another meaning to this but at least I used mine to help myself while a student.

You only need a good Android phone and a stable internet connection to get this done.

I am of the opinion that you must have an Android phone now so this will only remain a printer and a good internet connection.

For every project research topic you get the materials for, you could charge #2,000-#3,000 on fair pricing and spend less than #700 to print it out in a cyber cafe.

This is if you do not have a printer yet.

This process does not actually require your huge investment but your intellectual ability and a little more than #2,000 for data subscription.

Nothing more.

Try as much as you can to be open to new offers and also try new things as sticking to only what you know will not give you a higher chance of earnings.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Sweep inside the school

So I heard some students are in a union that sweep some parts of the school and gets paid by month end or sometimes weekly for doing so.

Just as I was about to doubt the possibility, I met them with my own eyes while I was in school.

This is not a business or a job but I included it because it is another way of earning money even while schooling and this doesn’t cost you a thing.

Well, maybe a broom of #300 nothing more.

These students receive #5,000 weekly and #20,000 monthly and this could go a long way to help a new student.

If you’re wondering how to get started, here are some tips…

  • Ask for the director of socials in your school
  • Ask if such an organization exist in your school
  • If yes, then join it and get a good broom
  • Wake up as early as 5am and go do your thing
  • Come back before 6am and take a shower
  • Then eat and prepare for school
  • Also note that the bigger the portion you sweep the higher the pay.

It’s easy if you out the good mind to it but if you put a wrong mind to it then it starts becoming harder and harder.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Now, let’s go exclusive on what you can do as a graduate to earn money on the side while you wait for a job.

Note that this is where you may get to spend up-to #50,000 but it will all be worth it in the end if you keep reading.

Graze rabbits

It’s no news that many people in Nigeria are now adopting pets and one of their most valued is the rabbit.

I have seen people adopt rabbits and for now, a good friend of mine started out on the business although still raising these young rabbits, he is hopeful he will sell some of them towards this month end.

According to his illustration, he procured these rabbits at the cost of #2,000 each and they are six in number.

He buys their food every two weeks at the cost of  about #5,000 and they consume all in the space of two weeks and some days so to avoid running down on feed he buys the feed every two weeks.

These rabbits have taken up-to two months of serious raising and he is seeing good results.

This is the third month and he is almost ready to sell them.

So this proves that the growth span of a rabbit could be 3-4 months and you can sell them right after then.

For each of the rabbits, especially the white one, he could sell for #6-8,000 and make at least a gain of #4,000 on each.

I plan to buy one of the rabbits by the way.

With a total capital input of up-to #35-40,000 he could make around #80,000 after selling all five rabbits at the cost of #8,000 each.

Now this is a good business.

This is a little business that many people have not yet pulled their eyes into but it is really paying the people doing it really.

At least the one I have seen myself.

You can get started with this lucrative business if you have upto #50,000 and the turnover will be very impressive.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Startup a liquid detergent production

Just like some skill we learned in our EED classes while in school I did learn how to produce detergent.

This could come in handy for someone, man or woman who decides to startup this business in a large scale but with not more than a capital input of #40,000.

I trust you have friends who use Eva soap to bath, Klin or WAW to wash their clothes and of course who use other forms of detergents to mop their floor at home, you could start selling through them and sell to them first.

This will help you improve your brand and make everlasting friends in business.

Personally a friend in our business plaza recently dropped out from working as a sales girl and used her three months salary to startup this detergent business.

She did the first batch and sold to us all in the plaza at the cost of #100 per bottle and I was quite skeptical to make use of it in the first place but things just turned around and I started using it.

I am happy to say that this is one of the best I have used if not the best, and I quite frankly buy from here currently and also I do not wait to be on zero before I order again.

And so is everyone here and beyond as we keep recommending her.

She currently sells at least a hundred bottles of detergents weekly coupled with hair shampoo and many other things.

This is worth over #10,000 weekly which was her monthly earnings while she worked as a sales girl.

Thanks to entrepreneurship.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Start cake baking as a business

Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

You should need to learn this if I am not mistaken but still, it’s just like any other cooking class.

With YouTube in your hand side and a stable internet connection, you can just learn cake baking just right about now.

Baking cake is one of the easiest and profitable things to do these days and I can assure you, it can be started with a capital of less than #50,000.

Here are what you might need

  • Get a gas cooker or a charcoal stove
  • Get a baking pan (Different sizes and shapes are recommend)
  • Get the required ingredients
  • Then go to class on YouTube or you can call 08066173057 to give a hand.

She is a professional Baker who also learned from YouTube and some paid classes online which summed up to #9,000.

She can share some of her ebooks with you if you needed to get started.

Here is an example of her work

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

I trust you know you can easily charge #5,000 naira for a cake and end up spending #2,000 for the cost of production or at most #3,000?

Yes that’s how true it gets.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Grow and Sell snails

Did that sound awkward?

You’re beginning to wonder if you read that well right?

I am sure you did and I just said, grow and sell snails.

Rearing and Selling snails can be a lucrative business to do trust me but this only comes in handy in the rainy seasons as many think it is not an all round business but this is not true.

With a start capital of upto #50,000 you can build a snail home in a little way that can contain upto 500 snails and rear the both in the rainy and dry seasons.

Need I mention that the price for snails do increase by the dry seasons and the demand for it is even higher?

This is where occasions and events planners try to reach out to snail rearers to help them secure some good batch of snails they can use for their events and if you’re anything like me, you will know that this is your shot to make.

You gotta make it.

With the price increase in snails in the dry seasons, I suppose now will be a good time to start and rear snails as rainy season is still around the corner and not even close to ending.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Make smoothie and sell

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Sometime last week I ran into a friend and she was taking something that seemed so thick I was beginning to think this was condensed milk but my surprises started when I was looking at her taking it with a tumbler.

I couldn’t help but ask what the fuck is this.

Trust me her response was epic.

She said this is smoothie, and I was like what the hell is a smoothie?

She went further to explain that a smoothie is a combination of fruits like banana, apple, water melon, and sometimes milk, in-fact you just name it, blended together using an electric blender, refrigerated and served chilled.

I still didn’t quite understand her story so I decided to have a sip from what she was taking and just as I did, I got the point she was making.

Did I mention that this is the business she is fully into?

Oh yeah that’s her professional business.

So I proceeded to ask how much did it cost her to get started with this business and she said a little upto #50,000.

Now here are the requirements for this and mind you this needs no professionalism.

She started with a…

  • Small office freezer of #18,000 on jumia
  • An electric blender of #15,000 on jumia
  • Transparent plastic containers of #3,000 (10 in number)
  • Banana, apple, date, tiger nut and milk was bought at an accosted price of #5,000

Now how much was that all up there?

You do the math.

She used these fruits to make the first batch of her smoothie which she distributed to people free of charge but in a smaller quantity.

Many people had a taste of her smoothie mostly lecturers and well to do students.

Then after the tasting stage, many people started calling her and requesting for more and she now placed her price.

For a plastic Coca-Cola like bottle of maybe 60cl l, she charge #500 to fill it to the brim and serve you chilled and inside a well packaged container.

So many of her buyers have to quit some of their fantasies like beer and other leisure so to afford the taste of nature she provides

Funny thing is that these people know how to do these things but they simply will not do it and keep ordering from her.

She could be presumed to make at least #30,000 weekly selling smoothie from my calculations.

Takeaway: Making smoothie is not just all about blending all fruits you can get your hands on together but it’s all about being productive and intelligent.

  • Ask people what they would rather prefer you to blend for them
  • Know what the aged folks might need
  • Do not add milk to everyone of them as not everyone fancies it
  • Make sure you put up a compelling price so not to drive away your customers
  • Be on the lookout if new things come up and be the first to incorporate them

How about I tell you you can do just the same?

Get started with the requirements above.

Lest I forget, I am one of her dedicated customers as I write this article.

This is another way to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Wrapping up on ways to Make money in Nigeria as a student & non student.

Making money online is now becoming more difficult by the day and so is blogging and I will not advice you to get into blogging with high hopes only yo get utterly disappointed.

There are other ways to make money which many websites explains but these are almost the same as what everyone else says and this is why we decided to bring up new and seasoned ways you can make money as a student and as a non student.

I have been there once and I know exactly what it felt like but in all, you have to relieve yourself of shame and get into the face of business and strive to make it.


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