Applause Facebook Research Program Stops Android Users and Allows iPhone Users in Nigeria

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Just yesterday, I stumbled upon a surprising news on Facebook as a user who is as well a co-blogger saying something about the Applause Facebook research program blocking off Android phone users in Nigeria and only allowing the iPhone users to still participate in the program.

At first, I was overwhelmed with the news but on a second thought, I decided to take a hike to certify myself and my doubts as we wouldn’t like to say anything that we are not sure about here

I took to my WhatsApp to as a very good colleague of mine and a blogger, and I must say, he is a very good lad at what he does.

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So the reply I quite got from him was in a way trying to say that what I read over facebook some few hours ago was actually the truth and at this point I got thinking.

Why in the name of the devil will this decision be taken against the Android phone users concerning the Applause Facebook Research program?

This is why we didn’t end our query here as we continued to envisage the reasons why this dreadful thing will have to happen to the Applause users on their Android devices.

Now I got to ask further and beyond Nigeria to know if the same was the problem in the USA and India as they are the major areas for the Facebook research program being created for.

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I asked a friend of mine from India; Amit Agrawal and his response read thus;

”The Applause Facebook research program is still fine and moving in our country and the breach in your country Nigerian may have been as a result of scam or trying to sabotage the system”.

Sure enough, I knew this could be the reason for this mishap.

So as to clear my head and my doubt before putting up anything here, I decided to extend my questions to the USA and ask a little cousin of mine and his response was quite related to what the former said.

Ekene said;

”Maybe Nigerians have tried to scam the system but Android users are still unto facebook research programs here in the USA”.

From this intel I gathered, I was able to presume what could be causing the issues with the Applause Facebook research program being stopped for Android users in Nigeria and we will speak extensively on them just below.

Here are the reasons why the applause Facebook research program was breached for Android users in Nigeria;

First and foremost, let us look at the fact that;

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  • There too many Android devices than any other device in Nigeria

Nigerian youths do indulge in the use of android phones rather than any other kind of mobile phone devices and this is the reason the penalty was centered on Android phones and no other device type like IOS.

  • Sabotaging the system
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the system for the Applause Facebook research program was sabotaged in several ways as it moved into Nigeria. Several people needed to make the system work for them alone and just extort money from their fellow Nigerians without knowing exactly how the system works or trying to explain better to their readers or the people they referred into the system.

They are just after the $5 for the referrals and nothing more and this caused the said referrals to make several mistakes while using the Facebook research program.

This is the first and foremost reason.

  • The system used by users above the required age

Nigerians are always too stupid to act on stuff.

when being invited to the Facebook research program, several people do use their former created gmails bearing the normal birthday and this could be way beyond what the Facebook research program needed as it was intended to teenagers but several Nigerian who needed money and some are even above 40 years of age will still join the program and still crash with it.

How can you accept an invitation to participate in the facebook research program with a Gmail having a birthdate of 1988 or 1990 and still expect to be treated as a teenager?

This is the second reason the Facebook research program for Android users in Nigeria failed.

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  • Consider switching off your VPN after visiting your Applause dashboard

We do see it as we should only make use of the VPN services only when we wanted to visit the applause dashboard but this is a bunch of lies.

We already know that Facebook itself as an App perform using background data and with respect to this, I sought to ask; why would anyone think the Facebook research program will function without background data?

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This is considered one of the reasons thFacebookok research program was stopped for Nigerian users using Android phone devices.

The facebook research program is a research app which is used to take specific data from people living in the above-stated locations and countries for a specific purpose.

You still asking why facebook research program stopped Nigerian Android users from participating?

Then have you seen…

Several people tried having more than one facebook research program account and this is one of the problems we are having with the Facebook research program users.

Many-a-times, we do see people who have or use more than one facebook research program account and this is simply as a result of maximizing profit forgetting the fact that the Applause facebook Research program was never for making just money but there is a very well defined intent behind it.

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Wrap up

The Facebook research program was developed for a reason and sabotaging that reason will be a very bad idea and in this effect, we say that the reason Android devices was breached from participating in the Facebook research program must have been as a result of the above-stated reasons and nothing more.

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Most especially, the Nigerian Facebook research program users just tried to scam the system but they never seemed to understand the ways in which the program works.

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