G2 Reviews For Gift Cards; Get $5-$15 Amazon, Visa, or Starbucks Gift Cards

G2 reviews for gift cards

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I tried as much as I can to make sure that this review is as comprehensive as ever so you can start making money almost immediately.

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Not minding how rich you might be, you will always be a little excited about making a little more income in your spare time.

Besides, everyone could always need to pick up a little grocery using some cash that didn’t actually come out from their own credit.

So I actually meant to walk you through ways you can make up to $25 in your spare time by writing reviews for g2 reviews for gift cards and I really mean this when I said it.


Before this tutorial, let us consider the fact that you are just an online entrepreneur and looking for a way to make money online and you stumbled upon several ways to make money online without actually investing anything but these programs seemed to be quite too good to be true.

I recently wrote a review on Capterra and how I made $90 with them alongside the payment proof and this is not any joke as well.

Be it as it may that several ways to make money online doing nothing and also without investing anything may seem like a lie so I guess the best way to find out is when you gave it a try.

What the heck is G2 reviews for gift cards?

Before we proceeded, if you are an Adsense user, you might want to learn how to self click on your Adsense Ads and make money without getting caught or banned.

Last I checked, G2 is a website which host software reviews in their website so as to direct the future buyers or intending users of the said software the right path to go while making use of the software.

We all know that reviews are quite priceless when it comes to the internet world and this is why developers do take to heart the reviews people dropped in certain websites very seriously and basically about their own products and softwares and this is the heartbeat of every product or software buyer before they make the buying decision.

Believe me, I do feel like a broken glass saying this but I know you must have at some point before buying products online looked up the product reviews before buying the product.

Now this is where the importance of reviews comes in.

G2 have placed it as a priority to make sure that they do provide high quality and matching reviews to software buyers and help them make a very nice and buying decisions that the did not regret.

I have worked with some other online review websites and I have been quite  successful with them and these are;

G2 Review For Gift Cards
G2 Review For Gift Cards
Make money online in Nigeria

So you can trust the above list.

We did not forget the reason we brought you here so let’s get down to business.

These steps are really long and as such you might want to relax before reading this if you really wanted to get some cash in your own spare time.

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How to make money Writing reviews on G2

So, here are the steps to take before you can be able to do this…

  • Get registered with a very awesome social media platform

On G2 Review For Gift Cards, certain social media are allowed to be used in creating an account with them and these are the;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin

But it is most advised to use the Linkedin as it is the most professional social media platform notwithstanding the fact that it is not too known around by too many people like the Facebook, Twitter and their likes.

This is quite unlike the Capterra review website where only Linkedin profiles are accepted.

Now, this is the start.

  • Go to G2.com and secure yourself an account

On the same device, you have the social media signed up and logged in on, you will need to the G2Crowd website and register as a user and request to write a review for them.

Recall I said you should use the Linkedin profile as it is the best-advised one to use and I used it also to get paid.

Take your time and fill up every other detail that was requested of you just like every other platform would advise you do.

Once you are done, then you are really getting close to what is yours really.

  • Take a tour on the G2 review dashboard and get cozy with what you see

You might feel lost when you first get yourself into the G2 Review For Gift Cards dashboard but you can get rid of this by getting really close with the platform and actually learning what you are leaving out and what you should know about the platform.

You should look out for the key points like the;




Settings and many interesting others

  • Go to write review key and click on it

Since your intention was to write a review with this platform and make money through it, then I suggest this is what you really needed to consider.

On the reviews, go to the hover side and choose any of the software that you have used before or had a good idea about.

G2 Review For Gift Cards has over 100,000 software in different categories, and as such, I suggest that as an online contributor for a long time and even a newbie must have made use of at least 5 of this software and you are just required to write about them in details.

Recall, a single user is limited to five reviews and nothing more than five.

Some of the software I reviewed myself are;

  • Aweber
  • Ninjacat
  • Hubspot
  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com

I pulled off a review of this five software and got paid for only four of them.

I think that was good going by the way.

  • Treat each and every review as perfectly as ever and make sure you are reviewing what you have used.

This might sound funny but if you did not give your review a thorough walkthrough, you will fail on the review and this is why you should treat your reviews perfectly and give every detail as they should be given.

Also, do not go around making assumptions by trying to review what you have never used before as this will never go well for your reviews and also you may not get paid.

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You might be smart enough to switch over to Google and ask after their view of the same product you needed to review so as to get a quick response and cheat the system by writing what you do not know and writing about what you did not use.

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Let me disappoint you; This cannot happen as every review on Google have been audited by them even if they were written on several other websites that were never G2.

So use your own words here and keep plagiarism aside.

  • Wait for an email to confirm your review status

On the same Email address used to create the Linkedin account profile, you will get an email after writing these reviews for their moderation by their expert moderation team and this takes nothing less than two business days to get reviewed.

But before this, something might happen.

If you receive a rejection email for software your reviewed, read the guide well and address the screen-shot issues because G2 will request you to upload a screen-shot to prove that you have used the product you reviewed.

You see more reason you cannot review what you have never used?

  • Reach out and hand in your payment

If your reviews are accepted, you will get a congratulatory email and then you will be requested to claim your reward which comes mostly in VISA Virtual or Printable credit cards viable for online purchases that accept Visa payments.

Collecting your payment on G2 Review For Gift Cards can be tricky at times but we will get to that by the end of the article.

I hope the above steps were well explained quite comprehensive?

  • Now let’s look at the guide to write a killer review on G2 Review For Gift Cards and get paid almost in one day.

Now it might interest you to find out that several people to write reviews on G2 Review For Gift Cards and gets their five reviews disapproved and not paid for as a result of the wrong approach but this is just about to change.

While writing a review on G2 Review For Gift Cards, there are several considerations which needs to be made and these are the core determinants of if your review will be accepted and paid for or not.

So here are the big players…

  • Write with an in-depth truth

Do not get me wrong here, writing with truth in this sense means writing about what you have used before and not what you just feel like writing.

You must see up to five software you have used in the past so you have to write on this software and not pick up any words from Google.

Please write in your own words.

  • Write with originality

Of course, everyone loves crude and original contents and words when it comes to writing for online publications not to speak about a review website.

If two people are found saying almost the same thing or using the same words to review a particular product, this could sound like a spoiler alert that the said software is a fraud by having two different people say the same thing about software using the same line of words.

This tends to scare buyers away and they look for other alternatives.

So do keep away from this to increase your chance of getting approved.

  • Give more credit

When you are asked about what you like about the software, you could say everything good and please detail it out very well and make it look explanatory.

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But when you are asked about what you do not like about the software, even if you do have a problem with the software, for the sake of getting paid, say you have never encountered any issues with the software since it was in use by you.

This will increase your chance of getting approved and getting paid by the company and of course, will drive them more sales.

  • Upload a clean screen-shot image of the software

Sometimes people go a long way to trick these software owners into paying them but this was never going to happen no more.

You will need to upload a very clear photo of the software when you logged in into it and where your own name was displayed in the software to get paid.

This will increase your chance of getting approved and of course paid.

  • Give five-star review in all

When you come to the side of the scale reviews, you will need to give these software developers a five-star review in all the review scale and make sure you do not leave any of the scales on N/A (Not Applicable) even when you do not know what they really meant.

This will also increase your chance of getting paid.

Now, back to the business above when I said that getting paid on G2 Review For Gift Cards can be a little tricky, this was what I meant by that.

When you are paid by G2 Review For Gift Cards and you have claimed your payment, you can redeem the Visa card by sending them a direct email asking for the link to verify your card through the same email that sent you the congratulatory email.

When you are given this link and you verify your card pin, you will be asked if you needed a virtual card or a printed card (Which will be shipped to you here in Nigeria).

I suggest you take the virtual card and this is because;

  • The virtual Visa card pays $5 for every Visa card earned
  • The Printed card pays $2 for every Visa card earned and keeps $3 for processing charge

But that was your money, so it was going to be your choice.

When all these are done, you can now make purchases online worth of $5 each for five items depending on how much you earned.

These Visa cards are paid in $5 denominations and in separate cards so you cannot pull the cards together and use them as one but rather as a different entity.

See, you can actually get yourself $25 for free in your spare time.

  • So, let’s wrap up

I try to bring you tried, tested and guaranteed ways to make some cash online and these are absolutely at my own discretion as I endorse everything I use here on my website.

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You can make a good income through this means if you tried the blackhat way but feel free to contact me if you needed to learn how to make over $200 monthly writing reviews on G2 Review For Gift Cards as I do currently make over $200 monthly using them.

Contact email: [email protected]

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