Mulabux Review; Make at Least #5,000 Daily With This New Income Program

Mulabux Review; Make at Least #5,000 Daily With This New Income Program working from home and doing what you love in 2020.

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Mulabux is what we will talk about in this first article of 2020.

But before we got started, we will like to explore the topics which we will be discussing today on Mulabux which are;

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  • Introduction to Mulabux
  • How to register on Mulabux 
  • Is Mulabux legit or scam
  • Mulabux review
  • And more…

We do enjoy writing you reviews about how to make money online and whats new in the make money online world. Just as our latest review on Racksterly and the proof we got on how legit they are, we will like to prove Mulabux to be legit and paying through this review but we will always update you on the recent developments in the Mulabux income program and if they happened to go vague or become a scam.

Just like when Racksterly happened to act like a scam and when they got back on their feet again.

Lets get started with our Mulabux review in 2020.

Mulabux review


Did you happen to read our Racksterly review? If you dd then you will know that Mulabux just happen to have the same working and payment pattern but this time, they work in a more lower priced tag for registration while everything else remained the same.

Mulabux could be seen as a refer and earn program in Nigeria that allows people make money online by also sharing news in their social media timelines in Nigeria.

In Mulabux, users get to share merchant adverts to their Facebook timeline to earn money on a daily basis.

These merchants are big names in Nigeria with the likes of Jumia, Konga, Yudala and many online stores with the sole aim of making them money and driving them sales to their websites such as some hosting companies like whogohost and many others.

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I do not normally trust several programs but I trust the Mulabux as a result of the merchants that they do work for which are high profiled merchants and there will be a very low chance of these merchants who also utilize Google Ads to not be able to make up the payments to the participants as at when due.


Does anyone know how the Mulabux income program work?

Well, if you do not, let us walk you through that as well.

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How does the Mulabux work?

Below, we will be evaluating how the Mulabux income program work in detail and what drives this our Mulabux review.

Mulabux can be seen as an affiliate program that pays you or the users on a refer and earn and share to get paid basis. That is to say, Mulabux pays their members when they refer users and also when they share their sponsored ads on their Facebook timeline. 

Just as the Mulabux team had requested.

Mulabuxis just as every other refer and earn program and share to get paid program which is an idea created to fight poverty by driving you to the right side of utilizing your internet data bundle and how to make money with it. 

With Mulabux, you will be making at least #5,000 daily when you do what you are asked and stay very active on the refer and earn side of Mulabux.

Mulabux is an income program that has come to take many place of other income programs as it presents two separate Earning method to their users which are;

  • Sharing sponsored posts
  • Referrals

This have to mean that you will get a very very good experience as the users.

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You can get to withdraw your earnings separately on the referral side and on the sponsored post differently and when you wished to do so.

Getting registered on this platform, you will need to know that the subscription plan you started with will get to determines what you will earn at the end of a month (30 days).

You also need a minimum of 100+ friends on your Facebook account before you can register on the platform and of course everyone has that.

Mulabux plans and how much you earn with them monthly.

  1. Starter Plan: You will subscribe for $6(N2,175) and whenever you share a post per day, you will get $0.5 and at the end of the month, you will accumulate $15 (N5,437).
  2. Value Plan: This plan requires you to pay $15 (N5,432) and you will keep earning $1 per day whenever you share a daily post to your Facebook timeline. In a month, you will accumulate $30 (N10,875).
  3. Deluxe Plan: This is the highest plan of $25 (N9,062) which will enable you earn $1.75 per day on any product link you share to your Facebook timeline. At the end of the month, you will earn a whopping $52.5 (N19,031).

Just as every other income program platform, earnings boost will occur as a result of the number of referrals you bring into the system.

Mulabux Signup steps and procedures

  • Go to
  • Choose a username
  • Choose a password
  • Choose an email address that is working
  • Choose a working phone number
  • on the second section of the website…
  • Choose your birthday and make it as correct
  • Click on create account.
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How To Make Money On Mulabux

To Make Money on Mulabux , you have to refer new users to the program and share sponsored posts in your Facebook timeline.

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For the referrals, every user you refer, you earn 15% from the plan the referred user subscribed onto.

So here are the detailed referral percentages to be paid to you when you refer people and in what days you refer them…

  • Refer on 1st day of your subscription, you will earn 30% of the plan the referred user subscribed to.
  • Refer on 2nd day of your subscription, you will earn 25% of the plan the referred user subscribed to.
  • Refer on 3rd day of your subscription, you will earn 20% of the plan the referred user subscribed to.
  • Refer first 10 friends who subscribed within one subscription period, you will be given $10.
  • Refer next 10 friends who subscribed within one subscription period, you will get $17.
  • If the 10 friends you referred subscribed to Value and Deluxe Plan, you will get $15.
  • Be the top referral of the month, you will get extra $200.

How much you earn for sharing product links

mulabux review

It all boils down to what account you created and how much you invested in these accounts.

Access the Mulabux website to check this and be sure not to make any mistakes in calculating your earnings in any way.

Mulabux marketing Bonuses

mulabux review

These are the bonus you get when you refer people in your account and it also stand for how much you get to make when you refer a particular person and which plan they choose to go for.

Mulabux referral program

The Mulabux referral program is an easy one to use and make money from. Making money from Mulabux is quite easy but will be highly fortified when you have much referrals in your credit.

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So, as a member of the Mulabux income program, do lookout for referrals and always try to invite your friends and increase your earnings.

How to get your Mulabux referral links

Login to your Mulabux account and click on marketing, there you will find your referral link and copy the link for sharing and making money.

You can always share this link with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp to register under you, that way, your referral earnings will be going up.

About Mulabux

Mulabux is a perfect refer and earn program that also enjoins a very nice share to earn income program.

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Here is a screenshot that explains better…

Updates on Mulabux income program (Mulabux review)

There has always been updates on the Mulabux income program and this is what you should always be checking out for to see if anything has gone to become too bad to the users or if there was any updates that will need to affect you as a user.

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Here is a link to the Mulabux updates to be checked everyday by the users.

How to contact Mulabux (Mulabux review)

Now, if you had any problems with the Mulabux income program, you can utilize any means of the below screenshot to make contact to the Mulabux income program or click on this link to make contact.

Mulabux FAQ (Mulabux Review)

Now you might need to know about the Mulabux frequently asked questions and get the answers directly from the admins and this means that you will need to use this link to access the FAQ page and get every answer to all questions you might have coming up in the future.

Now, lets get to the other interesting sides of this our Mulabux review.

Does Mulabux Pay Without Referral (Mulabux Review)

Well, since we made you understand that there is a separate dashboard for your referral earnings and your shared post earnings, this will drive the answer to be a yes.

Mulabux pay their members without referrals and this is the wonderful part of the income program.

How to withdraw earnings on Mulabux 

On the 30th or 31st day of every month, you can request for your earnings withdrawal and include our preferred bank details in the website as you request your payment.

Your payment will be sent within 24 – 72 hours.

Which we do consider to be Very fast!

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Mulabux payment proof

Mulabux Payment PROOF

Mulabux is legit and is still paying members.

Wrapping up on Mulabux review

We do not say you should join the program or not but we advice you get started with a little cash and see what happens but we assure you that this program is just as good as going through but they will not scam you.

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In any case any update was made here, I will update this article an give you the latest information but for now, Mulabux is still legit.

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