Giftalworld Review; Here is What’s New & Latest Ways to Get Paid in 2020

Giftalworld Review; Here is What’s New about Giftalworld and the Latest Ways to Get Paid in 2020 doing what you love and of course little jobs online.

  • Disclosure: We independently research and write reviews on make money online programs in Nigeria and we try to avoid leading people into scam. Please contact with proof if any program starts a scam related activity so we can report them and save more people from harm.

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We know for sure that it has been a very log time that Giftalworld came into the refer and earn niche in Nigeria but we never saw it as something that cold attract the attention of our visitors but today proved me wrong.

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Following the recent reviews I have written on refer and earn programs such as NNU, Racksterly, HIWAP and of course, Racksterly review which proved they are now a scam, I have decided to write Giftalworld Review and also make sue I treat the side that relates to what many people look at and say that Giftalworld scammed them which is not forthcoming as the truth but we will treat this in a separate way and manner.

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What the heck is Giftalworld?

Giftalworld income program an online marketing organization that pays its users for performing simple tasks on their website and these ranges from refferrig people and also sharing sponsored posts on Facebook.

This is a platform which is guaranteed to help you make at least #50,000 monthly if you take serious action with them and do not joke around with it, as many people have complained of the fact that they do not earn much on this platform but this is as a result of the fact that they did not take the necessary actions required.

Here you get to do the needful and then make money online because far from this, you will end up not making a dime and you could blame it on me or anyone that wrote the review you read.

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Now, lets dive into the real deal for the day…

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Is Giftalworld scam or legit?

Giftalworld program is not and can never be a scam and this is where the real deal comes in.

many people have testified to the fact that Giftalworld is a scam and not legit because they did not get paid and this is the core reason I write this review today to make you know better.

Below, we will feature why you do not get paid on Giftalworld income program.

But wait…

What are the proof to the legitimacy of Giftalworld income program?

Giftalworld income program is a legit system and not a get rich quick scheme and it is Registered under CAC  [Cooperate Affairs Commission] with RCN 2680874

Personally, we have investigated this platform before revealing it to you we know what fake reviews can do to users.

Background of Giftalworld income program

Giftalworld income program was created October 26th , 2018 by a Nigerian Blogger, Raji ibrahim (Ebright)  under the legal Protection of GIFTALWORLD TECHNOLOGIES.

Raji Ibrahim(Ebright) is a  Pro Blogger, Online Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Net-preneur and an Online marketer.

He has made decent living online through the use of the internet

That could be all we know about this young man.

Back to what we were saying…

Why did I not get paid on Giftalworld income program?

This is the question a lot of people are asking and this is what led many people to believe that this is a scam program.

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Well, here is why…

  • You did not share your sponsored posts
  • You did not participate in the forum activities like commenting and others
  • You always leave meaningless comments in the forum just for spam and money collection
  • You perform in-genuine actions in the forum like opening many topics and closing them once so they could serve as you read all the news in a little space of time
  •  You refer people alone and dd not do anything else
  • You may have violated the forum rules in some way you did not know
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Refer back to your use of the Giftalworld account and see any of the above conditions that you failed to meet up to.

 Now that I have your attention and cleared your doubts on why Giftalworld did not pay you as a user, can we get further with everything else about the Giftalworld income program?

Login giftalworld

You can quickly navigate here to get started on login on your Giftalworld account and access your account so you can start making money as easy as you can.

This could be the best and fastest way to login to your Giftalworld account as a member.

How to register on Giftalworld?

Go to

  • Click on register and you will be directed to another phase


  • Fill in the desired details and get on with it to make purchase


  • Create password


  • Agree to terms and conditions and click on place order and be done


How to make money on Giftalworld as a member

Here are the detailed criterion to make money on Giftalworld income program…

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  • You will earn ₦1,000 bonus instantly when you successfully register your account.
  •  You earn ₦10 for Viewing pages and post on on Giftalworld platform
  •  You earn ₦400 for sharing our SPONSORED POSTS to your social media handle for the day (Both Facebook and Instagram)

Here, you will have to login to your account, click on SPONSORED POST and follow the direction there for sharing your SPONSORED POST for the day.

  •   You earn ₦100 for Daily Login on the site
  •   You earn ₦100  on Every Nice, interesting and educating  video you Upload on upon Approval.
  •  You earn  ₦100,000 for being among the monthly raffle draw winners
  • You earn ₦1,500 (85.6%) allocated earnings which is ₦1,500 when you refer your friends, family and co-workers to Giftalword using your refferal link
  • You will also earn ₦500 airtime for having the most liked Alert testimony on our official Facebook group
  • You can also earn ₦1000 instantly for answering 5 quiz questions correctly

These are the ways to make money on Giftalworld in 2020.


Some people say Giftalworld pay without referral and some say it doesn’t which begs the question…

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How does Giftalworld pay their members?

Giftalworld income program pay their members in two ways.

  • Giftalworld payment with referrals: GW pays members once they accumulate at least 3 referral bonuses daily directly into their banks.
  • Giftalworld payment without referral: GW pays members without referrals is made twice a month 15th & 30th once they have up to N5500 in their dashboard.

Please, Giftalworld pay their members without referral and for reasons why you did not get paid please refer to the reasons we gave above.

With this talked about, you might be asking…

How do I get paid on Giftalworld income program?

Well, there is something you need to do first…

Join Giftalworld income program Facebook page.

Once you join the Giftalworld income program Facebook page

  • Go to dashboard
  • Navigate to profile and make sure you update your Facebook profile link
  • Navigate to payment section and set it up accordingly
  • Always check Giftalworld Facebook Group for withdrawal notification

Giftalworld payment proof

We will be using payment proof gathered from around the web to speak on this as we do not have anyone of ours but they are still alright to be same.

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These above are the payments people received on Giftalworld income program.


What is new about the Giftalworld income program that prompted this Giftalworld review?

Whats new about Giftalworld?

  • Minimum payment for registration is now #2,500
  • You can get paid without referrals
  • Assurance that Giftalworld is not closing down anytime soon

When will Giftalworld income program close?

I am really sorry to disapppint you here but the Giftalworld income program is not closing anytime soon so it is in other words said to have come to stay.

Wrapping up on Giftalworld review

This is one of the best ways to make money online in 2020 by referring people and doing what you love like reading news and also sharing on social medias.

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Get into Giftalworld now and do not blame yourself for late entry into this good program.

I am a passionate blogger with the interest of helping new bloggers achieve their blogging careers. I have helped many people to establish their blogs through my experiences in blogging career.

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