Review; A Nigerian Get-Paid-To Site With Difference Review; Here is the get paid to site in Nigeria that actually offers a diversified way of making money without much stress and zero investment.

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Sure we all do know how these get paid to sites come into play and to the awareness of the entire public and this is through Nairaland; Nigerian biggest forum and of course the third largest forum in the world, thanks to Seun Osewa, a geek by heart.

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Sure we own that and even more with the likes of

So, yes I got to know about the through Nairaland and I became a participant in it for over three weeks now.

Truth is I haven’t always found time in my hands to write reviews and stuffs and this is why it took me so long to write this review but you could permit me to say I was just learning the platform and how it works.

Today, we will be writing on review and we will make this review as thorough as ever and not missing any information you should know about the

My Review review

I always served myself a disclaimer whenever I am writing on all these make money online in Nigeria and this is the fact that I do not affiliate with these make money online programs and as a result, all reviews written here are written with severe and thorough checkout as it doesn’t add any income to our pocket.

Blorabbit should not be mistaken with websites with the likes of Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour and a host of other freelance websites as the name could sound a little bit confusing but trust me this is not the point.

Point is, the is another website that is focused on Get paid to do stuffs online and it keeps getting better.

Now I love for a single reason which is;

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They strive to focus their business strictly on;

  • Advertisers payments
  • Promotions
  • A single platform (Instagram)
  • Swift payment
  • Good compensation plan
  • No initial deposit to get started
  • Clear privacy, FAQ and also terms and conditions
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Owing to the fact that many businesses such as the NNU, HIWAP, Newspay and other get paid to websites in Nigeria will require some deposit from you to actually get started in them, takes a serious exemption to that.

A deeper dive into what has to offer

Have you ever woken up to your android device closely seated beside you and you begin to feel like you do not get it all, logged in to your Instagram account and noticed that the old post of yesterday didn’t get any traction or views, or shares and even your last meme video that was posted some few days ago still got little less than 5 views?

You must be bored out of your skin having only 5-10 followers on Instagram and you may have tried everything possible to increase your following and it failed.

Now I know you must be getting the supposed hint on what actually is actually here for. is a platform you use to increase your Instagram followers, likes, shares and video watch time, and even your Instagram TV channel subscribers.

when I said it keeps getting better, I actually meant that it keeps getting even better.

Followers is life in any kind of social media; be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a host of several others as these will be the people to see whatever you publish online on these platforms.

The interesting fact is that these followers, shares and video views are just for some amount of money that may not be what you could take a bottle of beer with while seated in the drinks section of Shop-rite anywhere in Lagos.

One serious question;

Does have a referral program? referral program

I did not want to tell the story from a second mouth and this is why I got registered on this platform myself. as far as I have seen and known, does not have any referral program whatsoever so do not get deceived that this is a refer and earn site.

  • Official review

How to register on

Go to their official website and get registered with your;

  • Email address
  • Your Nickname
  • Your Name
  • Your easy to recall password

Just as you are done, you will be sent a confirmation email and then on login, you will meet a dashboard just as the one below; review

You will have no earnings, no current balance and of course no completed Gig.

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Now to fast track things…

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Click on GIGS

When you click on Gigs, you will be presented with the available jobs or you currently and as I do have 10 available jobs for me, yo might have even more or less.

That depends on the system itself.

Here are the available jobs for me and the amounts I get paid upon completion of each; review review review

Here is a caution you must take…

These jobs could get really demanding most times and do not feel bored when it does.

Now after finishing the Gigs you are assigned, you might want to get notified anytime there was a new job to do online on

If you are anything like me you might not be going to dashboard all time to check for new jobs and as such, you will only need to get notified.

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Click on the get notifications button

This will allow you get notified anytime there was any new job that came up and it matches with your own specifications.


Here is the link to the telegram group on review

The above is the link to the telegram chat.

Click on withdraw and click on withdraw now

While you clicked on the withdraw, click on the withdraw now button and you will be directed to make possible withdrawals of your earnings into your Nigerian bank account.

You do not need any third party payment processor like Payoneer or Paypal to make your withdrawals.

That must be happy. review

With a withdrawal limit of #5,000-#100,000 you can initiate your withdrawal the moment you reach these limits and be sure to get paid out.

To make sure you do not have any issues with verifying your payments and making withdrawals, you will need to update your profile and be ready.

Click on your profile and update your personal information

Click on your profile and make sure all your information’s are good and well stated in dashboard just as these ones below;

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Now, lets get to the side I know you must love as this is the beginning to the

How to make money on a detailed guide

Making money on can happen in different ways which are;

  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram follow
  • Tagging friends on Instagram
  • Instagram meaningful comments
  • Instagram views
  • Instagram re-post

And below are the latest earners on the as the time of writing this post;

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About the get paid to site

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Here is a link to about page but you can see a screenshot below for easy accessibility. review

How to contact

Making contact to is not rocket science but something very much simple and easy to do.

Here is a link to contact page and also a screenshot below for better convenience; review Frequently Asked Questions

Several businesses require disclose before people joined them and this will not be an exception to what we already know.

But unfortunately, did not include any FAQ in their website for reasons we do not know but I am sure the platform explained itself in every way imaginable.

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Below is a screenshot proof to this fact; review

Just as we are about to make our roundup on the income program review, I want to clearly speak on the trust score of this website.

Is legit?


So far I have seen, the income program possess every quality of a Get Paid To site that makes them look and stand as legit ones and as such, I will not be giving the a negative review on this note.

We could give the a little benefit of the doubt to make sure we get what we needed actually and get payment proofs submitted to us before we even begin to act on what we have recieved.

For now, the income program could be presumed to be legit until otherwise proven which I do not suppose will happen.

Wrapping up

We do know and believe that there are many ways to make money online and the best is the get paid to sites in Nigeria.

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Then we equally decided to analyze the fact that it could be best if anyone did not actually pay some money to get into these platforms as many people would participate in these ones than the paid ones.

You can try out Capterra, G2, and a host of several others but we will vouch for Capterra and G2 income review websites.

Read our full reviews on Capterra and G2 in their links.

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