Adsense identity verification in 5 Hours or Less using this guide

Adsense identity verification in less than 5 hours using this our guide below

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I might feel like a broken glass saying this but Nigerians have brought more harm than good to the online world when it concerns making money online and this is why several platforms have taken to their heels to make sure they generate more security bypass to limit the fraud nature of the said Nigerians.

This said, I did notice more offers coming to me through my direct services links and I have over seven clients requested if I could help them with Nigerian Adsense ID verification in the past three weeks.

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Well, of course I did charge these clients, but at a point, I noticed that this was no longer a joke as it is now among the problem many Google Adsense users have always encountered almost recently.

adsense identity verification

Recently, Google Adsense made it a mandatory fact that you must verify your identity or your Ads will no longer be displayed in your website, so here, I have taken to myself to write a full and constrictive guide on Adsense identity verification in less than five hours.


Before I got started, I would love to point out some facts here;

  • Do not try verifying your Nigerian Google Adsense PIN with an already used address, it will get banned
  • Do not also take anyone’s government issued ID to verify your Adsense ID, you will get banned
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I believe you are now cozy with the above two warnings, so let us get started here…

There are some hacks to this that might be or seem quite simple and easy to you but when you do not know them, you can go ahead to make a real big mess of them by the way.

So I will advise you follow my prompt quite seriously here.

Steps to Adsense identity verification in less than five hours

Note: I will not be using a live Google Adsense account to tutor on this because I do not use Adsense currently and the ones I worked on, I have discarded their logins for security reasons, but if you followed my prompt, you will have nothing to worry about.

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  • Log in to your Nigerian Google Adsense account

Of course you will log in to your Nigerian Google Adsense account to perform this action. When you are logged in, you can navigate to the settings and do the needful.

  • Click on settings and go to personal details

Here involves your address, your name and the owner details of your Adsense account.

Edit the address on your Google Adsense account initially and put in the address in your government issued ID card (Voters card, National ID card, International passport, Drivers license) either of these documents can serve a good deal here.

If the address on your government issued ID card and the address already existing in the Google Adsense account are the same, then do not bother to make changes to it.

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  • Take a photo of your government issued ID card and crop the passport image there

Here, you are required to take two photos of your government issued ID card.

In on of the photos, crop out your passport image there and on the other, leave it as it is as it will come in handy in a little while.

  • Go to your Google account and customize it using the cropped passport image

Same image as seen in your government issued ID card should be cropped and used as the Google image in your Google account as the favicon.

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Something like this;

Blogincomes camera

The same image will appear in your Google Adsense account when you log in.

If you do not know how to do this, then follow this guide…

  • Log in to your Google Account
  • Go to Personal info
  • Click on photo
  • You will choose a photo from your gallery (Make sure you import the cropped image from your phone to your laptop)

After these processes, you will have to go back to the Google Adsense account and continue the prompt.

  • Using Google Chrome browser, upload the proof of your identity while you answer some simple questions from Adsense

Here, you will get to upload your proof of identity while you answer some simple questions from the Google Adsense team.

Make sure the proof of identity have the same image as the one you used in your Google Account as the favicon.

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  • Submitting and finishing up

When you must have uploaded the Government issued ID card, click on submit and you will see a success pop-up.

It will take up to 24 hours to get cleared I mean the ID verification error but if you just did as I instructed here, the error will be off in less than five hours.

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  • Wrapping up

This was never much of a big deal as you might think but you must pull the right strings to get this done.

I believe this guide will help you keep the cash you pay commercials and know how’s to actually help you with your Adsense identity verification.

Besides, #3,500 can secure you a good meal in a fancy restaurant so we think you should Do It Yourself (DIY).

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