Why Google Adsense Pin Verification Request Delay To Pop up Upon Reaching Pin Request Threshold ($10)

If you ever experienced this issue above with your Adsense account, then you’re going to consider invalid activity in your Adsense account.

This is quite a question to ask oneself once you start seeing something like making your first $15 to $20 without being asked to verify your account. When I say verify your account I mean your pin (Personal Identification Number).

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I have heard of this severally and I decided to try it out myself as they say experience is the best teacher.

I placed an Adsense code in one of my websites and sent a very very untrusted traffic to the website, I was able to be getting clicks for close to ten days and my Adsense earnings were up to $12.50 and something really happened.

All these while I have above $10.00 in my account, I never saw my verification message and I sought to find out why this happened.

A while ago I wrote about why Google Adsense estimated earnings decreased more than the finalized earnings.

The same traffic source I used then was the same traffic source I used on the new Adsense account to verify this thing that I decided to find out. Then a conclusion ran up in my mind, could it be that the traffic source is non-legit or that the clicks I am getting were fake or that the money isn’t how much I saw to be there?

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Previously I have noticed that my Adsense always demanded I verify my PIN upon making up to $10.00 and same applied to the ones owned by my clients but this particular incident knocked me off the balance.

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I conducted a more deep research to verify what caused this unexpected development in my Adsense account and here is what I found out.

. Why my Adsense PIN verification never seem to come up upon reaching my pin request threshold

The traffic I was using was fake I admit that.

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What else could cause Adsense earnings not to be due for verification at $10.00? As I wrote in our previous article about the decrease in Adsense estimated earnings, I could deduce from the algorithms of the traffic and clicks incorporated as it was in my last earnings.

I landed to the conclusion that the traffic was fake and as far as I knew, I could be having $3.00 or lesser in the Adsense as I am happening to see it as if to say that I have $12.50 in the account.

If it happened that my earnings just clogged to the next month, it would be too surprising that I may see my overall earnings as $5.00 or lesser.

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Now I say

Most times our websites to generate traffic and conversions which normally we wouldn’t be asked to verify our websites upon reaching our threshold for verification.

We should be too mindful of these issues as they are a proof of invalid activity and also invalid clicks to your ads.


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