The Only 4 Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click)

Believe me, you have been reading the wrong guide concerning this said above topic. Several webmasters cluster too many strategies to follow while it is only a little of them that actually works out.

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“Why tell beginner bloggers the wrong thing to do?”

If you are a blogger and your prime source of revenue is Google Adsense, then I presume you need to take this article very seriously.

Optimizing your Google Adsense for better CPC (cost per click) on your website ads is something you will not have to joke with as regards to your business growth and better income.

Recently I have received several questions from beginner bloggers and pro bloggers so to say, asking the same question, “how can I increase my Google Adsense CPC?”. This is a very sensitive question that several bloggers do not seem to understand.

Note: not every so-called blogger knows what is called Adsense CPC (cost per click).

I will be very plain as a clean water here while explaining this to you because several webmasters write articles on how to increase google Adsense CPC but some of these strategies are not worth trying as they will waste your time and energy.

In this post, I will be sharing the best and only three ways to increase your google Adsense CPC as a blogger. As we have had the experience with google Adsense and its optimizations for a better return, we have carried out several ways to increase websites CPC and we finally came out with this proven strategy for bloggers.

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Note: this is a proven strategy we used for years before we could finally gush this out to you.

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Here are the three basic ways to increase your google Adsense CPC and earn more.

1. Target a high google Adsense CPC website niche

Naturally, we do know that there are certain website niches that pay better than others when it comes to using Google Adsense in a website. If we are speaking of website niches that pay better with Google Adsense we talk of:

  • Technology niche
  • Webmaster niche
  • Hosting reviews
  • Gadgets
  • Health

Basically, health niche pays lesser than these said website niches in the industry using Google Adsense.

Alternatively, some website niche pays less to bloggers than the fore mentioned. blogging niche such as:

  • Entertainment
  • Dating
  • Lifestyle

These website niches are what we find several Nigerian bloggers to be highly attached to while speaking of blogging.

Haven written this, let us still consider why some people say my website and my friend’s website are in the same niche but we have different CPC and mine is lesser.

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Need I remind you that CPC is directly proportional to content, the heavier the website articles, the higher the CPC of the Adsense ads served? I guess you wouldn’t be needing that.

2. Write long and rich content

We actually explained this above and we are still saying the same thing to explain ourselves better.

A higher quality website content will tend to increase the cost of every relevant click rendered to your website than a low content quality website.

I read an article on hosting plans and I was able to get more information’s from shoutmeloud as Harsh took time and explained things in a way even a toddler could comprehend. We wouldn’t like to sound that you should start creating stupid and useless contents just to make it worth while, no.

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We simply mean that while writing your articles, take out time to explain things in a bit.

Note: the basic reason why entertainment websites have lower CPC on Adsense ads is that they have naturally little content and many photos.

3. Target visitors from tier A countries

Website visitors should and always be the first point of focus as for where your visitors come from determines how much you earn per click.

As a Google Adsense publisher, you should take time to monitor where your visitors come from.

Having massive visitors from low Adsense paying regions like Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Ghana and several other African countries including Asia will render your website CPC useless and less than $0.02.

With this kind of CPC, you will never make any dime blogging.

We are happy to introduce to you the tier A countries with high google Adsense CPC. These countries are:

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  • USA
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Spain

When your website visitors keep coming from these countries mentioned above, you will experience a boom in your Adsense earnings as their clicks can pay from $0.60-$10.

We wouldn’t want to start telling you alone to bring in foreign visitors to your website without offering any solution to it like several blogging tips blog.

Thanks to us as we provide you with all you could ever wish to know.

Foreign visitors can be fetched into a website for revenue growth in two ways:

Advertising for them

When I said advertising I mean buying real web visitors to your website and targetted ones at that. I will leave a URL of a real-time traffic seller 100% human. Here is the URL

Targetting the desired country using webmaster tool

Your desired target country can be chosen while setting your webmaster tool for your website up. Here you’re served the chance to choose which country you wish your contents to rank in their search traffic and search results.

4. Know the webpage that brings you much visitors and focuses on the ads served there

Sometimes, displaying too many ads in a webpage decrease CPC and also placing little ads in a webpage reduces CPC as well.

Ads placements in webpages should be minimal and at the target points of websites where you know, your visitors get attached to.

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Placing too many ads on a webpage causes much competition and this will result in the bids on ads cutting down as a single ad may get to appear several times.

Placing little ads in a webpage causes another problem of not allowing much ad competition to bring on the ad with the highest bid thereby reducing ad space competition and alternatively reduces your website CPC.

Final words

Since you have known this, I presume you will now have to know why your Adsense CPC is too low and what you can do to immediately address it. If you have any comment feel free to say your thoughts here in the comment section.

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