Increase Your Whatsapp Status Views Automatically in 2020

Increase Your Whatsapp Status Views Automatically in 2020; A detailed insight shared by a professional in the field Clinton Opah.

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It’s interesting to know that you can get a ton of Whatsapp views and contacts of people straight out this platform with a few details and in just a few minutes.
Wassap Views focuses on helping people grow their WhatsApp contacts and multiply whatsapp status viewers by mutually saving each others contacts in just one click.
I’ll be reviewing 3 useful features you should know about this newly designed platform;
Name: Wassap Views

Increase Your Whatsapp Status Views in these steps

First thing I want to talk about is the refreshing design and outlook that this platform has.
I like that it’s easy to see everything you can do at a glance, options available and just click.
It doesn’t just stop there, the design flow of the website is very smooth, probably built on JavaScript.
User experience is smooth, sleek and doesn’t lag, which I thought was super intuitive and gives a better user experience.
The second feature is the fact that it’s a free platform, essentially for everyone and anyone. The group of people that stand to gain the most from this platform are business owners, in need of more contacts to market their goods to.
This also helps those who want to have a lot more “views” on WhatsApp. Just like Facebook’s is “friend list”, Twitter and Instagram is “followers”, WhatsApp is wassap views. With this platform the views are the asset.
Like a modern platform should, you actually can choose between the free plan and the premium plan according to what best suits your needs.
Thirdly, Wassap views also has a reminder which automatically reminds users to come back to download the contact,
This makes it really balanced,
Wassap views is free to use for individuals, there’s only limitations in the number of characters you can use.
Wassap Views also offers premium plan for Businesses, TVs, Brands, Personalities and takes it a step further by letting you use more than one name. At just 200 naira and have unlimited characters when choosing a name.
A negative aspect might be that not many people can easily give out their contact details.
Mostly everything is exposed here. Keep in mind that if you are a private person this platform might not be for you because you’re literally giving out your personal information to the public, and can’t control how much people can access you.
Though there is the report and block button which should minimize the unwanted guests, but that can still be an issue.
That’s pretty much it guys, those are my top three features.
I thought it was a well designed platform, and I’ll be using it for my business to grow my Reach.
Totally recommend it, shows promise and will come in handy no matter the industry you’re in.
You don’t have to start saving contacts one by one, the platform does that for you.

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