Affiliate Banner And Affiliate Links Which Converts Best For a Website


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Today, we are writing a full comparison between affiliate banners and affiliate links on the basis of their different promotions in websites and to equally ascertain which converts best on website visitors for bigger website revenue.

As above said, we mean to ascertain which works best for your website traffic conversions into sales, leads, or subscribers.

Let’s first speak a little about affiliate marketing and what ways to promote them.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of online business whereby you’re paid a commission for helping another company market their own product. In other words, you receive a fraction of the payment made when an item is purchased through your own unique link.

Having explained affiliate marketing, let us quickly glance through the best ways to promote affiliate products and make good sales.

Ways to promote affiliate products

From an in-depth research by an affiliate marketing guru Niel Patel, he concluded that. The best and the most effective way of promoting affiliate products are as follows:

  • Using PPC ads
  • Using PPV ads
  • Using Facebook ads (Facebook targeted traffic)
  • Using your website (Most recommended)
  • Direct marketing
  • Using forums eg Quora and Nairaland (For Nigerians)

Considering that the above stated are the most effective ways to promote affiliate products, we shall take affiliate promotion through your own website as the point of focus in this article as the topic suggested.

Let’s check out the forms of affiliate promotion most available for almost every affiliate around the globe.

Forms of affiliate promotions

There are two basic forms of affiliate promotions which are always offered by the affiliate company itself and these are;

  • Affiliate links
  • Affiliate banners

These are the two basic forms of promoting an affiliate product and this will as well be the basic concern of our article today.

Let’s jog your memory a bit…

As a business owner and a blogger, I presume you must have signed up for one affiliate program or another one of these times and I guess you preferred the banner approach to reach your audience than the link approach.


During this course, you will receive a little click to your affiliate ads and this might make you think that this product isn’t going on quite fine or better still that the said product isn’t what people are searching for.

But, you might be wrong by saying this you know.

Several bloggers do not know how exactly to utilize the affiliate link and I will be highly obliged to teach you how or better still tell you exactly what to do so as to increase your CTR and sales between affiliate banners and affiliate links.

We have always been true to our readers and we write tutorials of this nature according to our own experience and trials and we are always confident to tell you what we came up as result with.

Let us now look at what will work best for your website between affiliate banners and affiliate links.

Note: at the end of this explanation, you will deduce what works best and why you should use it.

  • So let’s get on.

My experience using affiliate banners

I wanted to know the truth between affiliate banners and links which works best so I decided to use the HostBlast affiliate program to experiment on this.

I signed up with the HostBlast affiliate program and had their affiliate banner and affiliate link up on my website simultaneously and I decided to see how the two works out.

I tried this for up to five days on my website.

I did monitor the clicks to these links closely and I kept the click to my affiliate banner filtered and that to my links also filtered, so I could detect the possible difference between the two.

Note: I had a specific goal for performing this action which is to find out how either of them would perform for my website.

While this lasted, I got an experience that was almost a breathtaking one and I seriously wished to divulge it here.

My experience

Knowing fully well I was trying to know between the links and banners which would work better and bring better conversion, I had different experiences with the two while this experiment was going on.

Mind if we started with the banner ads?

My experience with the HostBlast affiliate banner

As the giant ad company (Chitika) usually affirm, website visitors have grown blind to advertisement banners on websites and they do react to written texts better.

This assertion came to be a reality with me when I checked the progress with my HostBlast affiliate banner in my website and for two days I received only 3 clicks to the banner ad links.

These affiliate banners were placed in strategic positions using Adsense heatmaps and still, visitors went over them without clicking considering the fact that the HostBlast affiliate banners illustrated everything you need to know about the web hosting company.

Still, no one clicked on the ad banners.

But I was happy I was able to understand why this was so and as a result, I will be giving you a few lists why these affiliate banners never got any clicks.

Why my affiliate banners got no clicks over the days;

  • The banner blindness of visitors (Principal cause)
  • Non-attractiveness of the banners
  • No compelling text in the banners
  • Dull coloration
  • No rich text to wrap it up
  • No recommendations in the banners

These above-stated reasons were why the banners weren’t able to convert into sales for my website and I wasn’t too unhappy about this as we were only experimenting.

So in a wrap-up text, my experience with the HostBlast affiliate banner was a total shame, so let’s look beyond the picture and talk about the affiliate links.

My experience with HostBlast affiliate link

When we are speaking of link advertising, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to advertise the link in its raw form as originated from the affiliate company itself but we are talking about making the said link be embedded in a text in your website smartly.

Something like this;

Why not start your shared hosting WordPress website with as low as #2,600 a year? Click here!

This above sentence should be smartly placed in between your post body at a very comfortable place so as not to disturb the readership of your website visitors while reading your posts.

The last side which said “click here” should contain the affiliate link embedded in it so as to allow easy redirection of users to your target affiliate landing page.

The above was only a hint to text affiliate link promotion.

Now, my ordeal as I used the smart affiliate link promotion was a huge success as in less than three days I was able to generate above 188 clicks to the affiliate links I embedded in every one of my websites high traffic posts.

Note: this was almost 50 times the attraction I gained using affiliate banners on the same website.

Notwithstanding the fact that I had no conversion in the HostBlast plan I directed my audience too, the goal was that the clicks came and so did the conversion.

I was quite aware why there were no sales in the hosting plan I wanted to sell and this is as a result of the poor quality of the hosting company I tried promoting as I presume.


My proof

Why no hosting purchase occurred

The referred visitors must have taken a review of the web hosting company and didn’t find it quite soothing and as such, they decided not to purchase hosting from them.

Equally, the referred visitors may have overlooked the hosting as a result of its low price as they thought it might be inferior as it is a natural phenomenon with Nigerians when they visit websites and see low priced kinds of stuff.


I equally used the same approach to my entire web affiliate and got a very soothing result that was much like the result of the HostBlast affiliate link promotion.

Considering the fact that entire web affiliate doesn’t pay well for Nigerian signups and clicks, I was able to savor up to $0.2001 with up to 10 clicks I got into the system using them for just a day.

Sure I didn’t get lucky, I only did what I knew how to do best.

Entireweb Screenshot

My proof

Why affiliate link smart promotion work best for websites;

  • Clear explanation of what the visitor stand to gain
  • It intercepts readership and as such must be read
  • Doesn’t occupy much space and as such have to be smartly noticed
  • It’s always friendly to readers
  • Has a clear direction to readers
  • Since a reader is quite interested in reading your text, he/she will read it through and understand easily

Note: this approach with smart affiliate links could be used best when it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click) affiliate marketing such as entire web affiliate and also PPL (Pay Per Lead) affiliate such as the cashsuperstar affiliate.

My verdict

The same visitors that turned to be too positive to my affiliate promoted links and got me enough conversions was the same visitors that turned a blind eye towards the affiliate banners in my website not quite too long.

I will be very accurate to say that website visitors really have turned a blind eye towards banner advertisement in the early days even if they are highly targeted.

The reason I said the above was simple.

I draw my website visitors from search engine and search engine only and this is why I was able to get 100% targeted visitors to my website and as such I could give a wholesome verdict that even almost all the time, targeted visitors do not convert on banner ads but on links.

Quite frankly, Chitika ad network was right by their verdict about visitors ad blindness.

Now over to you

As a website owner or a blogger, after reading our views and clarified assertions, I suppose you have to take the plunge, dive into the unknown and explore our guide.

You could find this very very soothing for your website and also you could experience a boost in overall potential revenue of your website and this will be a very big credit to us if you did.

We seriously hope you did and we will be more than happy to share your success story as did ours.

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