Opera News Hub Review; Earn as You write on Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub Review; This platform will help you Earn as You write on news and entertainments around the world just on Opera News Hub.

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If you have that creativity in you but you do not have the cash to get yourself a blog and carter for the hosting for the meantime, then I suggest you try out the Opera news hub.

Just like steemit, Opera news hub pays you for engagements on your stories and how much you get to earn is totally a reflection of how interesting your story is to the general public reading them.

Now lets get started with our opera News Hub review

Opera news hub is a platform where articles are been publish for reader’s engagement.

Towards last year November, opera mini decided to bring out something different, this they called the opera news hub.

What is this opera news hub all about?

The opera news hub Is a platform where articles can be published for readers consumption.

With the wide range of users worldwide, it will be a great way of making some money with your published articles.

But this will be solely dependent on the number of traction you are able to gather to the published article and as such this will warrant you to just publish trending posts and nothing more.

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How to create an account with opera news hub.

To create an account with opera news hub,

  • Visit their site studio.opera.com 
  • Sign in using your facebook account.
  • Wait for an admin to approve you
  • Now create your first article
  • Click on submit and wait for your article to be approved.

How to make money with opera news hub.

Making money with opera news hub is as simple as A, B, C, all you need to do is to publish great content, avoid copied content because when you submit a copied content, your article will get rejected.

Also, try to publish nice article and try to avoid any grammatical errors making use of grammarly.

When your article begin to get more engagement, you can begin to track your earning and your performances based on the amount of post views and ads clicks.

Opera mini begin to serve ads in your published posts, this ads they get from advertisers which advertisers their products/companies or brands, some art of the revenue generated from this paid adverted is been shared with you the content creator.

So do not just go around thinking that you can get paid without having many people view and react to your post.

This is how opera news hub works and this is how you can start making some money from this great platform.

Now, before you got started with Opera news hub there are several terminologies that are used on Opera news hub which may sound foreign to you but we will break them down here.

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Some basic terms in opera news hub.

  • Pending

When you submit any article, your article goes into pending, this stage usually take less than two hours until an admin review it into test online.

  • Test online

Test online is when your article is given final review before it can be approved, this process usually take up-to 6 to 12 hours.

  • Approved

If your content pass though the required process without any error, then the admin will finally approve your article and publish it, now you can start tracking your earning performances and post engagement.

  • Rejected

This is another issue you will fave when you submit poor structured content or copied content, your content will easily get rejected.

Although when your content get rejected, you can as well review your article for the mistakes or rewrite a new article.

  • Draft

When you have post which you are still working on, you can save them into draft so you can easily come back to re-edit and work on it.

  • Wemedia

Wemedia is a niche where you plan to specialize in, lime business Niche, entertainment or health.

So choose a good name that best suits your niche.

Note that you should try to post as much as you can but make them professional.

Create a niche you know best, in that case you don’t have to copy other people’s work.

Updates on Opera News Hub creator

  • Opera news hub no longer pay per 10k views, even if you have just 10 views you can also earn
  • They pay #0.0367 per view
  • You get paid per 100 likes shares or engagement, 100 share give you #4000.

Added tips on Opera News Hub in 2020

To earn more with Opera News Hub, you must post at least six articles monthly, this will enable you to earn a fixed recurring amount of revenue.

You can also make money with Opera News 2020 when your articles reach a larger audience and when your articles perform very well. So, write intriguing articles and avoid copy and paste.

Watch the introductory video below on how to make money with Opera News 2020 Hub Creator Platform.

Now, there are things we like about the Opera News hub and the things we do not like about them and they are stated thus.

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What we like about Opera news hub

  • Neat website
  • Good user experience
  • Non disruptive Ads
  • Fast loading
  • Offline reads

What we do not like about Opera News Hub

  • Junk News on the site are too many
  • Unverified information
  • Misleading headlines
  • Incomplete news
  • jargon and mis-spelt words

Wrapping up on Opera News Hub Review


Making money on Opera news hub is not rocket science but it will only require you to be able to produce quality contents that no one will be able to just walk by without trying to read and get a glimpse on.

The serious minded ones on Opera news hub makes as much as $100 monthly writing for Opera news hub.

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