Piggyvest Review; Save Smart and Make #1,000 For Every New Referral

Piggyvest Review; Here is everything You Will Need To Save Smart and Make #1,000 For Every New Referral you bring into the Piggyvest Banking system.

So one way or another, you must have told a friend of yours about how good your bank is if he or she ever had a problem with her own bank while using their banks and you might have made efforts to bring them banking with your own bank and leaving theirs behind.

This is not a bad idea as everyone looks out for their friends in a very good way and thank you for that.

But guess you were never paid for that conviction or the new customer you brought in right?

But this piggyvest review will change that with its informations.

I understand it is true that you save money with this bank and they keep it safe but giving them a good recommendation and bringing them a new customer wasn’t part of the deal where you get paid alright?

But hey?

Piggyvest is here to change that perception and pay you for your hard-work and below is everything you need to know about how Piggyvest work.

We have looked at several questions people ask about Piggyvest online which ranged from;

  • is piggyvest legit
  • is piggyvest safe
  • piggy bank nigeria reviews
  • piggyvest nairaland
  • piggyvest referral
  • piggyvest interest rate
  • piggyvest login
  • piggyvest customer care number

We will try as much as we can to make sure that this Piggyvest review we are about to write now will cover all sides to the never-ending questions you may have.


Lets get started with our Piggyvest review for today.

What is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is an online bank which helps people to save money and also make more money by referring users, interests on savings and then through collecting Piggy points which is also a way to make money while banking with Piggyvest.

The concept of Piggyvest is same as the one of the safe box we have in our homes while we were young where we would keep some money and then wait for when it is hugely needed then we will break the safe and take the saved money.

But in this case, Piggyvest will require you to start up with at least #1,000 and also save at least #100 daily which will then accumulate interest and help you have monthly savings which is overly outside your budget.

Earnings withdrawal on Piggyvest can be limited from 10-100 days so that you can have a good earning points before you go ahead to withdraw it.

Still, you can invite friends to join and make their first deposits and as such, you will earn way more than just saving #100 daily or even #500 daily.

Piggyvest is the first online savings and investment app in West Africa, this great innovation comes in handy with loads of benefits which gives its best to the working class people who can use a special feature to save part of their salary just when it is being paid to them.

Piggyvest was launched back in 2016 as piggybank.ng but later change the name, back in 2016, the only services they render was a saving platform, but now they do have several offers and other things you can take part in as a user.

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Piggyvest formerly Piggybank

Yeah it is not something we will run away from in this Piggyvest review.

Piggyvest was formerly known as Piggybank but the name change later came as a result of better brand and more trust from users, coupled with the fact that several things changed in the way they operated and this made them change their mindset about everything they offered and both their brand name.

As at the time of writing this review, Piggyvest has grown to be used by over 200,000 people who saves over 1 billion Naira Yearly.

And someone somewhere is still asking if Piggyvest is legit…

I could put it to you that 200,000 people cannot be wrong and you may as well know what this means dont you?


Who are the founders of Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is funded by Odunayo Eweniyi, Somtoo Ifezue, and Joshua Chibueze who met in an institution where they attended.

Some would say Igbo Amaka but truthfully, Igbo Amaka.

These people met in the Covenant University Nigeria in around 2016 and they sought for a way to develop a working startup for over 8 years and Piggyvest was their brilliant idea and it is indeed a brilliant idea so to speak.

Now, lets get on with the un-ending questions people ask online with regards to Piggyvest and get you a confidant answer to all of these questions.

How to make money with piggyvest

Piggyvest referral program is pretty simple once you understand it and the best part is that it’s free.

Several websites like Racksterly, Mulabux, and Atpays may have a very complicated payment structure and pattern which you may not like and there are several requirements to get paid but this here is quite different.

With piggyvest, you you don’t to pay a dime, all you have to do is deposit #1000 and your account will be activated.

You can also cash out the deposit of #1,000 if you feel the need but there wouldn’t be any need for that will there?

Lets look at the overall way to make money on Piggyvest

  • Make money with Piggypoints

While using Piggyvest to save money, there are also other ways to make money with Piggyvest which is the Piggypoints.

Here is a rundown of how much you can save and what points you get as your Piggypoint…

  1. #2,000-#4,999 you earn 1 Piggypoint
  2. #5,000-#9,999 you earn 2 Piggypoints
  3. #10,000-#49,999 you earn 10 Piggypoints
  4. #50,000-#99,999 you earn 25 Piggypoints
  5. #100,000 and above you earn 55 Piggypoints

Note: Here, ! Piggypoint is equal to #10

  • Make money referring friends and users

You can earn just as much as #1,000 when you refer a new user to Piggyvest be it a friend or family but they must credit their account with at least #1,000 then you get credited and you cannot withdraw this referral earnings until you activate your ow account with only #1,000 if you have not done that already.

  • Make money through interest funds in your Piggyvest account

On core savings, you can earn 10% of your savings per-annum on Piggyvest and then it will be paid upfront in your Piggyvest flex account which can be accessible to you just then.

  • Make #500 upon registration and activation for #1,000 only
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When you join Piggyvest, you get an instant #500 but this will be when you make your first savings of #1,000 and make sure you get referred by someone not because you cannot just go for free without referral but you could add some income into someone else’s pockets.

Can you not?

Besides its a win win situation.

Does Piggyvest pay for referrals only?

Please, you will need to understand that Piggyvest does not pay for referrals only but you will need to get your account activated first by paying the initial deposit of #1,000 before you can take your referral earnings because this will be the reason someone will say now that Piggyvest is a scam.

Is Piggyvest legit or scam?

Piggyvest is not a scam but 100% legit program.

I do have my reasons why I said that this is a legit program and they are;

  • Piggyvest is not fully a refer and earn progam
  • They own Gold Micro-finance bank which is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria
  • They have an office in Lagos Nigeria with precise location as No. 16 Boyle Street, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria
  • Piggyvest is registered under PiggyTech Global Limited
  • I have friends who have been paid by Piggyvest through referrals and also the ones who have withdrawn their savings with them

How does Piggyvest work?

We stated initially that the Piggyvest works same way as our safe boxes at home or piggy box but this time, just a little deposit of #1,000 is needed which you still have 100% access to anytime you wish for it unlike many banks.

Piggyvest has a specialized way to deduct working class peoples salary and pay it into their Piggyvest accounts just as we do with small safe boxes in our home but this time, you will make use of the Piggyvest App for auto deduction and saving from the bank account with which you receive your salary.

Supposing you get paid #40,000 monthly, you can decide to put off#5,000 to Piggyvest account and save it there in which case #5,000 gets deducted from your bank balance the moment you get your salary and it is being saved.

This is made possible with the help of the Piggyvest App.

Piggyvest services for saving money

  • The Piggbank service

The piggy bank service or features enables you to save money, all you have to do is choose any amount of money to save and the amount will be automatically taken from your account, during the process you will be asked to choose a withdrawal time in year.

Any attempt to withdraw part of the money before the stipulated time will attract 5% charges, sounds harsh right? With this high % one will be discouraged to touch part of the money which will imbibe saving culture in us

  • Safe lock feature

This feature on the piggyvest platform allows you to set money aside for a fixed period of time without having access to it until its maturity time. This is just like a typical fixed deposit account but on your mobile phone this time. 

This feature also gives you the room to choose your desired duration of time to lock funds. You can lock for as little as 10 days or as much as 1000 days.

  • The Flex Naira feature

Piggyvest offers a service called flex Naira which permits you to transfer, accept and build emergency funds with ease, and zero charges.

  • Target savings feature

The target feature on the piggyvest platform provides a great opportunity for setting goals, savings goal, this way you will keep to your target and try as much as possible to meet them and of course you won’t have access to the funds so you won’t have a better choice than to keep on saving.

This feature is great for me as it has helped me saved a lot and met so many targets in the past while trying to save up for some needs.

  • Auto saves feature

This wonderful feature on the piggyvest platform let you choose a specific amount to save periodically, be it daily, weekly or monthly.

I did a small calculations and came up with a nice number. For instance if you decide to save #400 per day, piggyvest will automatically deduct #400 from your account every day and at the end of a year you would have saved #146,000.

Fun right?

Piggyvest will check back on your account the next day and remove only #300 and continue the saving journey, so at the end of the saving period you will get the amount you were able to save plus interest.

  • Investify feature

PiggyVest just added an investment feature where you can invest in agriculture, production and industries right from the app. Currently there is an ongoing Rice farm investment where you invest a certain amount that will be used to farm rice and you will be paid back after 9 months with 20% interest.

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How to register, signup, and get affiliate link on Piggyvest

Piggyvest review

  • Click on create free account

Piggyvest review

Fill in all the details as hey requested it below;

Piggyvest review

Piggyvest review

  • Click on create new account
  • Proceed to provide the next details you need
  • Enter your bank details for withdrawal

Piggyvest review

Piggyvest review

  • Verify your bank details

Piggyvest review

Please do not use an already used bank account it will not go through

  • Click on continue
  • Now pick an option and proceed

Piggyvest review

  • Make your first savings and that’s just it.

Piggyvest review

You’re good to go and in your account you will find your referral code which you can share to friends so they can register and you get paid #1,000 while they get #5000.

Piggyvest Android App

This is an app that is developed to help Piggyvest users make good use of their money no matter how it may seem and also leave them stress-free in handling their revenue and also savings online.

Download the Piggyvest android App here.

Wrapping up on Piggyvest review

I trust with this detailed Piggyvest review, you are convinced that you can save money with Piggyvest and do not worry or bother if your money is safe as it is very safe and also you have discovered more legit ways to make money online using Piggyvest.

Cheers to Piggyvest users…

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