How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads; A Detailed Insight to Adsense Invalid Clicks

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So you might be asking How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads while they are running in a website and get people banned when click fraud was noticed.

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I suggest you know that when people take something of yours there is always a way to find out what was taken from you and how it was taken.

Detecting invalid clicks on Adsense ads is not rocket science and seemingly something quite easy for the Ad Tech Giant (Google) to find out as much as it seems too hard for us to detect sometimes.

In this write up today, I have tried as much as I can to get you a full detailed guide and insight on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads and you will be amazed to find out how they do this.

Here is a detailed guide to How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

Note: Google uses BOTs and AI to detect these invalid clicks from the click pattern and several other factors we will discuss below and not necessarily human technology.

  • CTR (Click through Rate)

This is the most obvious on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

We initially wrote a guide on how to decrease your Google Adsense CTR on Ads and stay on the safe side with the Google Adsense team so you might want to read this up.

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I have seen people say that a CTR of 10% and above is a red flag and Google may ban you for it but this is not true.

I have seen a CTR of 35% and above and the website is still doing well and its Adsense have stayed above three years without much issues.

This is specifically as a result of the fact that the website traffic was from Google search purely and there was no social media promotion done and no referral traffic coming in any way.

This was the fact that led Google to believe that the traffic to this website is purely human and mostly from the USA and actions on Ads are usually very much completed.

Now, if you are using a Google Adsense account with a website that drives traffic from mostly social media or other platforms, you might want to take good care of your CTR and make sure it doesn’t rise above the normal (10%).

This could get you banned but if you are using Google search as your source of web traffic, then you need not worry about your CTR as it could get to any height.

  • Physical location of website users

Are you still asking if your location for Ads clicking is a factor that comes into play on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads?

You could be right by the way.

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If you are always trying to switch from one laptop to another while using your website and also clicking on your Ads, you might try to reconsider your steps as Google is too good when it comes to tracking the location of clicks to your Ads.

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Since Google has the Google map and can track any location, what makes you think you could outsmart them by clicking on your Ads from different locations.

Google do also have a very good technology when it comes to tracking users on the web.

Now this is not the issue when it comes to legit users using your website from a good location, even if it was a small town and Google would know if these users are legit or not.

  • IP Address

I guess you know that the IP address plays an important role on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

Need I remind you that your IP address says a lot about where you are and also points out exactly your movements around.

If you happened to be clicking ads that originated from the same IP address then your website may be up for a possible red flag by Adsense.

This is the most stupid thing newbie bloggers do as they do not seem to know the danger and the obvious nature of the practice to tell Google Adsense loudly (I am clicking on my Ads).

You must get caught while cheating in the program.

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  • Cookies

This is another factor to How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

You could bet that this cookies is not some crunchy tasty biscuit you could get from a shoprite around you.

Google have installed cookies in your website while you are browsing and this can go as long as lasting for days or even weeks in your laptop.

If you plan on using VPN to change your location and IP addresses, then you might need a rethink.

They could trace the cookies and see whether the clicks to Ads are sharing the same origin or not.

So this is a no no to Google as this strategy cannot get them fooled in any way.

This is another red flag on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

You can rank on search engines but not in a way that does not follow the Google Terms and policies.

Several people practice the Google search engine blackhat and get their websites on Google first page just to drive traffic to their websites.

Websites with no good links to an authority domain but continuously ranks on search engines will be a red flag to Google.

Someone could get to pay these users of the web from very poor countries to get to Google search and type in their websites names and start surfing through them and clicking on the Ads just to make the publisher money.

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This clicking is always done by people in the third world countries.

  •  Website caption on Ads
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How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads using the website caption on Ads?

If you are a publisher and you use the caption like CLICK THIS or CLICK ME or CLICK HERE or any direct directives to visitors asking them to click on Ads then you will be in for a very bad day with Google.

This is very much against the Google Terms and Conditions.

If you try to lure your visitors into clicking Ads in your website, you will be banned immediately by Google without any mixing of words.

  • The click pattern

If anyone was clicking on your Ads and do not complete the action on the website then this will be flagged as invalid clicks.

Several cheaters do use the pattern of click and run and this was why I wrote the review of the decrease in Google Adsense estimated earnings over the finalized earnings some few months ago.

If there were legit clicks on Ads, these clicks would be generated intentionally and the clickers will complete some actions that the advertiser needed them to complete as they are very much in need of the advertisement they saw before they clicked.

This does not mean that every click must be converting, but at least 50% of them must be converting.

Also, every legit click on an Adsense Ad has to be above 2 minutes if serious interaction with the Ads.

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  •  Web traffic source

I made mention of search engine traffic to be the basic source of traffic for a website that buses Google Adsense buit these days, websites do promote through other platforms and this is one of the ways on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

Social media can be a good source of traffic for a website but not necessarily that much.

Many of these social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest have their own search engines and they are direct competitors to Google and this may pose a threat to your Adsense Ads.

Recall that Google Adsense works hand in hand with Google search engine generated traffic and this is why we wrote on what exactly you should monetize with facebook traffic.

When it comes to social traffic, you should monitor your volume well as when the traffic becomes much from social media, it can indicate to Google that this could be click inflation by the publishers friends and circle.

Who knows?

Also, publishers do tend to use traffic and click exchange to increase the traffic. This is totally against the Google Adsense policies and so is getting more traffic without an appropriate search engine ranking or good links to your website.

This will be a clear indication in the direction of account ban…

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  • Ad placement on the web page

As much confusing as this may seem, this is another red flag when it comes to How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

Invalid clicks can not only be generated by external sources, as the pure human visitors you have in your website can also act as invalid visitors to your website and generate you some invalid clicks and probably get your account banned but that is of course if you had your Ads placed wrongly.

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There are several other ways of telling people to click on your Ads even when you didn’t write the caption CLICK HERE, and this is;

  •  Placing Ads beside or below images
  • Placing ads beside clickable elements
  • Stuffing Ads together
  • Having too many Ads in a single webpage without much content

With Google’s Hi-Tech mechanism, finding out such mayhem will direct an immediate termination of your Google Adsense account.

  • Invalid traffic sources

We made mention of social media to be anmong the reasons why Google Adsense may detect an invalid click in your Adsense Ads but this was never stated to be an invalid traffic source.

Invalid traffic sources could be another red flag on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

You are advised not to place Google Adsense Ads in web pages that receive traffic from particular sources such as;

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  •  PTC programs
  • Sending spam emails to generate earnings through mislead traffic
  • Using software’s to generate traffic in your website
  • Abnormal website behavior and poor navigation

Sites where Google Ads should appear must be very easy to navigate and should not change the users preferences or have unwanted redirects and useless pop-ups by launching pop-ups or pop-under, downloads, malware or pop clouds that have a very negative interference with browsing.

Not minding how comforting listing the above would seem, I would also wish to point out on the processes which Google use to detect invalid clicks on a publisher web page.

Now this may look all messed up and shits as your Google Adsense account may survive a long time without ban upon the fact that you make use of these invalid activities to generate earnings but trust me, when these steps and checks are done, you will be done for.

We usually advise our clients and the people we work for not to buy an already existing Google Adsense accounts as this may be a very bad idea.

Some of these accounts you see people buying or selling may have constituted several invalid activities in them and you might go ahead to  buy them and become the host of the issue that has been created before and you will get banned at any little offense you commit.


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Here are the three steps which Google use on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads.

  • Filters

These are automated algorithms which filter out invalid clicks in real time, before they are charged to advertiser’s accounts.

  • Offline analysis

This is an automated algorithms and manual analysis of clicks to Adsense Ads.

  • Investigations

If the advertiser or the publishers are not happy with the above two processes, then a manual investigation will be carried out.

So you see, practicing black hat to earn from Adsense will be caught eventually so do not think you are too smart to get away from them because they will get to you still.

  • Wrapping up

There are some of the ideas on How Google Detect Invalid clicks for Adsense Ads to protect advertiser’s money.

With one of the most used search engines, Google could rather have many other mechanisms to easily validate a click.

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Hence, instead of spending time on such illegitimate techniques, just try and follow the simple and easy acceptable guidelines to improve your Adsense revenue over time.

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  1. Johnson Daniel says

    Can you recommend any free plugin that we can use to prevent invalid clicks aside from AICP

  2. Blograbbit says

    Truth is there isnt any plugin that is used to prevent invalid clicks on your Adsense.

    The only guide is to verify the source of your traffic and make sure everything is going well with it and also make sure you do not engage in clickfraud or tell friends to click on your website.

    Observe a good Ad placement practice and watch your Adsense do well.

    If anyone told you that you can prevent click fraud as a publisher, they might probably be lying for reasons I do not know so just observe Google Adsense term and conditions and be safe with the practice.

    Thats the beauty of it all.

    Thanks for dropping by we appreciate your visit and also reach out to us on any of your questions and get answered.

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