Philmore Host Review: A Detailed Insight And An Overall Review

My using Philmore host was because I wished to prove to myself and to people the rare difference between a foreign host and a Nigerian host and also to ascertain whether a cheap article was worth the purchase or not.

Apparently, Philmore host was relatively cheap compared to other counter hosts. I wondered if it was a because it was a Nigerian host or because it was trying to make hosting affordable for the fewer pocket individuals on the internet.

Read on to know why their hosting was this cheap.

I would wish to start this review by stating the bad experience I had using Philmore host for close to three months now. Using a Nigerian host is one of the biggest mistakes I made as a blogger and it was my first time I decided to patronize my own country to check out the service they had to offer and its quality as to compare with foreign hosts I have always been using.

I decided to carry out the hosting with my newly created website They served me perfectly for the first two days of my website going online but the third day came and I started experiencing problems with my host which first started with receiving bot traffics and website going offline for almost half of every 24 hours every day.

The case I experienced with my website was very non-similar with my other websites hosted at and

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Speaking of the websites hosted with these two foreign hosts are and and they are always online and gave a better user experience to my website visitors.

I decided to dribble along with Philmore host for up to two months and see what it looks like so I could draw a conclusion on their services, so I took an extra month upon the difficulties I experienced using their services and this decision landed me to the worst thing any blogger could ever see, which at certain times seems more severe than death itself.

For close to three days I monitored my website and see the traffic rush in and out simultaneously and same happened with my Google Adsense traffic and earning which boosts and flattens in a regular manner as a result of bot traffic. I wouldn’t say that Philmore host supports. Bots traffic but I will further explain why the bot traffic comes from them always.

How Philmore host sent invalid traffic to my Adsense account.

I initially made mention of bot traffic generated by Philmore host to my website which adversely affected my Adsense and from my observations, my website started going offline and online every Now and then and especially when an interested user clicks on live ads on my website, and the server goes off.

The request wouldn’t be completed and so it will be recorded or seen as a bot and if this continued happening to almost the majority of my website visitors, then many bot traffic will be recorded and as a result, the ban on my Adsense account was ascribed to the bad server served to users of Philmore host. I took up a research and found out that the going offline and online of a website is among the reasons why Bots traffic is recorded see

Steps I took to trace the offline and online issues.

In a bid to rectify the issue I was having with the host for going offline and coming online every time, I used the customer support line +2348086697100 to know if I could get to them and complain my issues but to my greatest surprise, a voice picked up my call and offered to rectify the issue. Three days later the issue was the same so I retraced my previous steps calling the number again but this time no one was picking my calls. I tried calling severally but it wasn’t picked. I wondered if the services of every Nigerians were going to be the same. I tried sending e-mail messages to them but they never replied.

How I got my website reinstated.

Since my calls weren’t picked, I decided to move to a better host and this time, I chose Namecheap hosting. It took me approximately two weeks to move out of the Nigerian host (Philmore host).

Upon moving away from the local host, I learned the hard way about paying little and getting poorly served and paying huge and getting better service.

If you wish to still try out the ordeal I had with Philmore host and see if it was true, use the link below  and host your website maybe you will experience the same thing I did.

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