10 Free Ways to Make Money For The Unemployed; Not All Fancy Though

10 Free ways to make money for the unemployed; Not All Fancy though.

Not everyone has the privilege to know what making money online actually is and equally not everyone knows how best to do it even when they knew what it actually meant.

Trust me, you will have a very difficult time convincing someone you have never met before to buy from you if you run a drop-shipping business and also some affiliate offers.

People in this field tend to buy from who they know and also who they trust his or her products.

The most tiring is starting up a blog or website and trying to make money off it so to say.

Make money online.

I can assure you that the lifespan of a blog before it starts making money is somewhere between eight to twelve months of dedicated attention and unbiased capital input to become an authority in what you do already, and I doubt if you will be open to wait that long.

Although some people did and they are quite enjoying it.

I recalled while I was new to making money online and it was all like…

  • Get AdSense today
  • Place it in my blog
  • Start making money immediately

I didn’t know there were many hurdles I never saw and this was my greatest nightmare till I decided to look on the bright side and take things slowly.

We understand that our website has been keen trying to help write reviews about these refer and earn programs but we have seen on the long run that many of them have started out to become a very quantifiable scam and we for one wouldn’t want to lead you into what we cannot guarantee.

For this reason, we have decided to start out with listicle articles that will explore more local and crude ways to make money offline as offline is our basic focus now as it gets.

A few days ago we published a detailed guide on how to make money as a student and as a non student with investment of #10-#50k and we are just looking deeper today to see what we can cough out for you.

Please note: We are not these websites that keep telling you about what they know several people are into already, we try to find out the sides that many people are not into for the meantime and elaborate on it.

And we are about to do just that now.

Before we got started, I would like you to also understand that these strategies will not be very very pleasing to you as a person but, these are goldmine that are hidden to some persons but you could never know.

Most of the people who do these jobs we are about to write about here are so ugly dressed that you may not even think of getting into it in the first place.

But here they are…

Free ways to make money for the unemployed

Gather used iron tins and sell

Sometime while I was little, I had a very rough day when I lost some money I was supposed to pay for my notes in school with, while on my way home, I started picking up cans and spoilt iron.

Before I could get home I was able to gather a handful of them and I was like wow 😂.

So the next day I talked to a friend of mine and he took me to where I sold it and I was surprised I was able to make #780 and this was wholesomely more than I was supposed to pay for the books in school.

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I was able to keep #280 to myself and somewhat continued the routine till I was stopped.

Now why am I writing this story?

Most persons you see will sit down in their respective homes whilst they do not have a job and I must say this is something everyone has went through before.

You can go out there, gather these cans and spoilt irons, find where to sell it and make money doing it.

We didn’t say this should be your full-time job but at least something you do to make ends meet and also to raise money for other projects you might want to undertake.

If you are able to invest your time and energy into this, we could guarantee an earnings of between #3,000-#5,000 daily as the pricing for these metals have gone up the sky now.

A good friend of mine once worked in a wholesale collection point for these metals as an accountant and she was bold enough to say that the least person who earned money there delivering irons daily earned approximately#4,500 daily.

Now did you see any opportunity in this tip?

If you did and wished to go further, let me educate you on the tips to use if you do not wished to get found out.

I know reputation plays a major role here in this kind of business and the what will people say phrase but hey!

A saying goes “Never be ashamed of what you do to earn money, no one will fee you when you go broke”.

This is as true as anything I have ever read in the recent times.

So, if you do not wish people to know that you’re doing this, here are your awesome tips…

Go far from your home area not to be recognized by friends around

If you happened to stay anywhere close to Obosi or Nkpor, you can move up to Ekwuluobia, Oko, Amaokpala, nteje, and other local areas and do your work.

Provided you earn money doing it, just always bath well after the daily routine and make sure you keep a low profile but a modest one.

Get a complete disguise

Naturally, people who do this kind of business look like mad people at all times.

There isn’t anything bad looking like a mad person every few hours in a day to achieve your aim.

Is there?

Get your own disguised cloth and shoes and also rub something like charcoal in your face before ever leaving your home for a hunt to avoid people recognizing you easily.

It will help.

Face mask and face cap can be friendly

It’s almost natural that you may not be able to recognize anyone in face mask even when you’re seeing the other end of their faces.

Now think about where their head is covered too.

It will be tasky to know who they actually are and this context will be wholesomely used to your own credit.

Maximize it.

Leave your home early and come back late

Make it a point of habit that you leave your home very early and return very late.

This way it will almost be impossible for people around to know exactly what you are doing as a person not to mention coming closer to knowing you well.

Keep a low profile and even lesser friends

I trust this rings a bell.

If you were able to keep a very low profile and couple it up with even lesser friends then you’re up.

You can run this business without fear or favor of anyone mocking you or anything of that nature.

You just keep to yourself and make money.

If you’re in the village, help people cut their palm fruits and wean it

During this same period Last year I visited my home, while there was a Bet9ja shop just located in the heart of my village, the speed at which people troop in and out of the bet house got me thinking.

To my utter amazement these are children between the ages of 13-18 years and they had so much cash on them.

So, I took a survey and asked what and where the heck did these children get these money from, and just then, I got the shock of my life.

These children engage in cutting down palm fruits for aged men and women and they earn somewhat decent amount daily from doing so.

They could earn at least #2,000 daily from their job and this explains why they can easily spend #1,500 just standing opposite the monitor in a bet house.

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Same still applies to someone in the village who wished not to waste their time being idle, you can leverage these opportunities to make money and even give out lesser prices to make sure you prove to be the best in your field.

This can also fetch you some money while you could be unemployed.

Plant fruits in your home and sell them in their seasons

I was opportune to visit Enugu state towards the ending of last year and I was really happy when I got to see the busy Ogboete market I have so much heard about.

Just as I observed, something happened.

I saw bunch of cute ladies selling fruits and I approached one to get a cherry (Udala) as we call it in Igbo.

I had to speak English in order to avoid letting my guard down.

Then this lady replied in a more polished and expressionless constructed Crammer and I marveled.

I was pushed to ask her which school she went to and she said she is an ex corper who studied in the University of Nigeria UNN as you all could know.

But she locally sell her home grown fruits to raise money as there isn’t any job.

I was touched and I left my change with her, maybe it could secure her transport home I guess.

Now, here is the point, I know some fruits takes time to grow and all that but you can start with the really easy ones like oranges, paw paw, guava, pear, and Tangerine.

Sell them in their seasons and make money.

Also be assured that this business comes with all gain as there is no capital you out in to make these trees produce their fruits, they just do.

Take out trash

If you live in a very developed area say Lekki in Lagos or Victoria Island in Lagos, you can make money taking away trash for these well to do family that wouldn’t even mind throwing #5,000 at you.

Yes you read that right.

Some people find it difficult to get rid of their own trash.

While this is utterly wrong, you can take it to your own credit and make money off them.

Become a local traffic officer

If you live in an area that is semi developed, I mean a semi urban area then you might consider doing this as a job.

Getting tips from road users, drivers, cyclists and other could amount to somewhat huge amount of money when you calculate it in the month.

These local traffic officers on the long run become one of the reasons there is a swift flow of traffic in their local areas and all that.

Some of these local traffic officers when they discharge their jobs very well do get some kind of compensation from people but they never task the road users for money.

You do don’t just sit your ass down at home and wait for the day to continue going, get up and do something even if it is the least thing you could do.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, here are the tips you should take to work effectively…

  • Dress neatly
  • Never task people for money
  • Act like you’re not interested in the money until it is given
  • Smile as often times as you can
  • Never give more attention to a car driver, a cyclist could be your helper
  • Take it as a job and not just some fun
  • These points will help you discharge this job effectively.

Cut logs of wood into pieces and sell them

Did you think people using local methods to cook foods are finished?

Think again.

Let it be known to you that 80% of women who cook for commercial purpose use wood to cook and not just gas or stove.

Yes, these set of people could be very potential customers for your business if you will let them.

First things first, start small, then grow big.

Give them the woods they needed and always make sure you provide quality.

No one will question you for where you got woods from when you go deep I to the bush to get them.

You can locally cut these woods to desired shape and sizes and sell to or you can hire an assistant.

Recall that most part of this business is all focused on gains.

This is so because the woods were not sold to you, your catch alone is to get them from the bush, dry them and cut them and then sell.

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A little input is required from your side with regards to money and time coupled with energy.

But it can fetch you a very good income if you keep at it.

Hunt for used and spoilt plastics

Has anyone ever told you that this plastic bucket is spoilt and not useful again?

What has always been your response to these affirmation?

I guess you may be wrong though.

Allow me to correct an impression here, there is nothing like a spoilt plastic.

These plastic is what we still use today but in a more refined form.

You can pick up these plastics on the road using the first step we discussed here, sell it to the re-moulders and they will do the needful.

We have not had a direct contact with anyone who deal with this make money process but we are rest assured that it works very well for those in it already.

This could be another goldmine for you if you’re still unemployed and looking out for a job.

Make beats and sell

Do you find making sound that people could speak into inspiring? Then this could be your turn over of events.

I know this requires inspiration and talent but I have never seen talent in this which is priced for more than that of a friend back in school.

He makes beats from everything and anything around him and this is something I cannot still wrap my head around till now.

The first time he made a beat using a small keyboard for children, I advised him to try see if he could make a professional beat and sell to a song producer or so.

He did but the first Gig didn’t land him much money but still this was a good start.

Currently he is at warri delta state pursuing his career in creating beat and I am hopeful he will meet his exposure sooner.

Enjoin car washing outlets to wash cars

On a basis of 70:30 payment, you can get a decent but still low pay daily when you work for a car wash.

Say the average cost for washing a full car is #1,000 and you work for a car wash, you get to keep #4,00 to yourself while your boss is entitled to the other.

Is this a good business?

You bet.

With the number of cars you may was daily increasing, you will find it easier to make #4-#5,000 daily than you ever thought was possible.

This is another good business you have to join and make money when you know you are utterly and totally unemployed.

Need I remind you that you can be tipped when the owner of the car you washed just finds out that you did a perfect job in his car.

This doesn’t require you owning anything but your input is what is required here to keep everything going.

Become a third party seller (Onye Oso Ahia)

After all that was how jeff Bezoz made it.

If you have ever thought of making money the easy way, then I will disappoint you.

There isn’t any east way but there is a working way.

The onitsha main market is where you see majority of business minded persons doing this and trust me they make money daily selling what they do not even have.

If you think this is the way to go for your own success, then follow these guide…

  • In the morning leave your home while you’re dressed well, go inside the market and be at the welcoming end of the market to welcome buyers.
  • Convince the buyer to buy from you at your own designated price.
  • Be truthful and act it
  • Try see that this buyer believes you and consents to you.
  • Take the person inside the market and meet your supposed partner who sells and get the buyer what he or she wants
  • Get paid
  • Take your cut and give the seller the agreed price between you and him

That’s as easy as ABC.

Wrapping up on free ways to make money if you’re unemployed

Note that these are not the permanent jobs we wished you to take and do but this should be a way that you can make money when you’re unemployed and still get to quit them when you got a better job.

In all, these ways will help you keep some cash in your hand while you still lookout for work.

You can decide to ignore all these if you’re perfectly comfortable sitting at home.


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