₦10,000 business loan in Nigeria

There are a lot of entrepreneurs with great business ideas but they can’t implement them due to inability to get the start up fund (capital).

However, there are some profitable small scale ideas that succeed with a ₦10,000 business loan in Nigeria. For some of these businesses, you do not need any raw material, office, license nor machines.


“Okirika” (or Okreka) is a colloquial term for the used cloths imported into the country from other countries. These clothings are packaged in sets; there may be about 200 different pieces of cloth in a set. This set also comes with surprise packages sometimes, the previous users may forget to remove money, jewelries, household items, etc.

Okirika aren’t necessarily demeaning because they are of various grades. In fact, over 60% of Nigerians wear Okirika clothes and you may not be able to even differentiate between okirika and the readymade clothes if worn.

How much do you need for capital? A set goes for about #10,000 – #20,000 and may contain about 200 pieces of clothing. Averagely, a piece of Okirika clothing ranges from #300 – #500. That is, you’d have made a profit of more than #40,000-#80,000 after selling a set.

Location? Okirika sellers display their goods in public places such as bus stops. Popular Okirika zones in Lagos State include, Yaba market, Katangwa market, Abule egba, etc.


This is a very popular business because it is easy and it sells faster. Since soap is used by everyone, it wont be hard to consider venturing into a business like this. It is advisable you inform your neighbours, friends and the retailers around and tell them you’ll sell to them at cheaper rates.

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The raw materials for making soap aren’t expensive and they are always readily available. Make your product a bit bigger and cheaper too so as to entice customers. Be creative with the production. Use an inviting colour, package it neatly and don’t forget to add some fragrance.


Many people don’t know how to solve basic computer issues such as downloading files, installing software, using antivirus, internet configuration, etc. You can also acquire the skills needed to repair hardware problems too and you’re good to go.


A lot of Nigerians, both male and female, are football fans and they’d readily sacrifice the comfort of their homes to meet with fellow football lovers. Why not make it possible by creating a viewing center in your home? The FIFA 2018 World cup is on the horizon and Nigeria will be one of the participants. It also affords all the opportunity to watch skillful professionals such as Mikel Obi, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mohammed Salah and many more. Do you know you can do more than shouting goal? In this article we show you that winning with the Nigeria FIFA world cup team is feasible from your city in Nigeria.

What do you need?

  1. A digital television (You can get up to two or three depending on the target audience)
  2. A standby power source (Generator, UPS and/or inverter)
  3. Chairs and Tables
  4. Satelite TV subscription (DSTV)
  5. Fans

You can make it as sophisticated as you want depending on the target audience. You can also make provisions for drinks, barbeque, etc since a lot of the people coming will be coming with their family members, colleagues, etc and guess what- They’d be motivated to spend under the disguise of the performance of the winning team! You can make it fascinating by preparing mouth watering gifts for viewers who predict the outcome of the match before it starts. What if I don’t have the startup capital required? It’s not a big deal, just check out our search engine for loans in Nigeria.

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Another nice business you can venture into is the sale of jerseys during this World cup season. Everyone will be happy to get jerseys of national teams such as Nigeria, Brazil, England, Germany, France, Argentina, Belgium, etc and of players such as Mikel, Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Neymar, Coutinho, Pogba, Iniesta, Costa, Lukaku, Aguero, Salah, etc.

Who knows if this is your time to shine?


There are men who will go hungry just to shave their beards, despite our recent aspirations for membership in the beard gang club. Others will not be comfortable carrying bushy hair for long periods, forget the current hair goals you see on social media.That is why opening a barbershop is not a bad idea at all. Like the suggestion at food stalls/canteens above, you can start small, or seek ways to get loans. You can use our Free Loan Search to get familiar with the right loans and possible [microfinance] institutions to get loans from.


That is not an unfamiliar truth. Everyone needs to move for one reason or the other. One way to make use of this need and [earn money] from it is by investing in small-scale, local transportation businesses. You can get involved in the commercial motorcycle , tricycle (Keke), buses or taxi and other local transport business. You can also do this differently by trying out the less known but highly demanded logistics business. This later type of business is the small-scale manner of helping clients to send their goods to desired locations. Hair dealers and other fashion accessories retailers always need this type of service.

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Everybody needs food. Also, owing to the nature of our current secular lifestyles, changes in gender roles, as well as our hectic schedules, there is am increasing need for food on the go. Therefore, opening a food stall or canteen is not a bad idea. Again, depending on the amount of cash you have, you can start smaller, or Borrow Cash so as to start small but comparatively bigger. You can also offer rare local dishes, like the famous Calabar soups in a place like Ibadan or Lagos where such are not in abundance.


You don’t need to wait till that company calls you nor till the millions start coming before you start your own business. START NOW!

What if you’re unable to provide the start up capital for any of these businesses? We’ve got you covered at STARTCREDITS , you can access our website to search for free loans that suit you. You’re just one click away!

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