New Google Adsense Policy: Old and New Interface Google Adsense Accounts Explained

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I will make this review as concise as possible.

I know you have always heard of the new interface Google Adsense accounts and the old interface Google Adsense accounts as a buyer of Adsense accounts, and maybe you have always tried to understand exactly what it meant but couldn’t.

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Hey!, not to worry as we will explain everything about it in this post.

So, I saw our legit Google Adsense account sellers update on WhatsApp about the old interface and new interface Google Adsense so I sought to know what that exactly means and I was duly clarified on these terms, and so I thought to myself;

Would it be nice I kept this a secret and allow people to make silly mistakes on it or should I just share it here so you can know exactly what you’re buying?

After all this website is my voice in the Globe.

So my candid reply to myself was, I should let my fellow bloggers and online marketers know about this.

So let’s get going with our explanations here as we write further.

What is an (a)…

  • Old Interface Google Adsense Account?

Do not get me wrong here, please.

An old interface Google Adsense Account is an Adsense account that we all know about that you can just log in to and generate an Ad code and have it placed in your website and wait for some minutes or probably an hour and in some cases a whole day for your ads to show up in the said website.

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If you’re using a WordPress website and your Ad didn’t show up on your website, you will need to do the following;

  • Download the Ads.txt file plugin and fix the Ads.txt file issue from your Adsense account by copying the code from your Adsense account and placing it into the Ads.txt plugin space for ads code and verify it
  • Secondly, you have to go to settings, then sites and then input your domain name and verify it with the Adsense account and your Ad will show up in no distant time.

In a nutshell, this is the kind of Google Adsense account that you have always purchased as a blogger right from day one and you will never experience certain limitations in it.

Just right about recently, something happened.

A modification was made which in my opinion shouldn’t bother anyone because they are still al the same,

Quite a huge benefit to several bloggers out there in certain ways.

So the above accolades go to the new interface Google Adsense Accounts as it goes and as such, we will be talking of the new interface Google Adsense account just now and also explained the features in it.

  • New interface Google Adsense Account

This is a little modified to the old interface Google Adsense Account in the sense that it has certain features that I presume the old interface Google Adsense Account does it have.

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So let us dive into the features which seemed to be new;

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  • The new interface Google Adsense Account has the site’s options for site verification just right below the My Ads option and also while trying to verify websites in the Add site option inside the verify sites, here is what you should not do;
  • Do not add a non-top level domain by just writing or any other low-level domain name extension, you should make it appear in this form to be accepted: or any other low-level domain name extension
  • You can just input a top-level domain and just verify it immediately without having to edit anything
  • Secondly, you must wait for a day or less so that the Google Adsense team will approve the website manually to show ads. here you will see a notification of getting ready.

Now, at this point, I know several people will be asking so they review every website thoroughly first before approving them into the program?

Well, the good answer here is not.

It is the same as the old interface but only that it is a bit longer to be approved.

That being said, I hope you can now distinguish from the two latest kinds of Adsense accounts?


Not quite too long had I noticed people with the opinion of the New Interface Google Adsense Account being stronger than the Old Interface Google Adsense Account but you’re really wrong to think this.

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Mind you, if you ever committed any foul play with the new interface Google Adsense Account, you will be banned from the AdSense program without a wink.

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So do not be deceived by mere simple verdict people give when they do not know what else to believe and quite some silly assumptions.

My verdict

To avoid making mistakes and doing what you should not do, I seriously implore you to seek the kind of Google Adsense account you are about to purchase from a seller before you make any payment for it to avoid getting yourself hanged up on the wrong lane.

This is the exact reason we recommend our legit Google Adsense Account seller to you every time we write Google Adsense related articles.

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I sincerely hope that this update cleared you on the two kinds of Adsense and the distinction between the two is settled.


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